Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.

eZ Flow 2.5 upgrade


Before starting the eZ Flow upgrading process make sure that you have a working backup of the existing website state including database, extensions, INI settings, etc. During the upgrade process the existing eZ Flow extension will be removed and replaced with a new version.


Download following packages from

Go to the packages management interface in the Administration Interface. This can be done via the Setup-tab, where you can click on the "Packages"-link in the left menu:

From the Repository drop-down box choose eZ-system then click the "Change repository"-button. From the list of available packages remove following packages:

Next change repository again to the "eZ-systems" and click on the "Import new package"-button. In the next view select ezflow_extension and click the "Import package"-button. Once the ezflow_extension is imported click on "Install package". In the next view choose the "Replace extension"-option and click the Continue"-button. Repeat these steps for rest of new extensions ( ezwebin_extension, ezstarrating_extension, ezgmaplocation_extension and ezwt_extension).

Once all new extensions are imported they need to be activated under the [ExtensionSettings] block in the "settings/site.ini.append.php":


Autoload update

Next the autoload array needs to be updated for the new extensions. In order to do so, execute the following command from eZ Publish root folder:

$ php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -e -p

Content classes

eZ Flow 2.5 does not provide any new content classes.

Database changes

Note: The database changes below for eZ Flow, eZ GMAP Location and eZ StarRating are only related to Postgre SQL setups.

For eZ Flow (for Postgre SQL only):

ALTER TABLE ezm_block ALTER COLUMN id TYPE character(32);
ALTER TABLE ezm_block ALTER COLUMN zone_id TYPE character(32);
ALTER TABLE ezm_block ALTER COLUMN overflow_id TYPE character(32);
ALTER INDEX ezm_block_is_removed RENAME TO ezm_block__is_removed;
ALTER INDEX ezm_block_node_id RENAME TO ezm_block__node_id;
ALTER TABLE ezm_pool ALTER COLUMN block_id TYPE character(32);
ALTER TABLE ezm_pool ALTER COLUMN moved_to TYPE character(32);
ALTER INDEX ezm_pool_block_id_ts_publication_priority RENAME TO
ALTER INDEX ezm_pool_block_id_ts_visible RENAME TO
ALTER INDEX ezm_pool_block_id_ts_hidden RENAME TO ezm_pool__block_id__ts_hidden;

For eZ GMAP Location (for Postgre SQL only):

ALTER INDEX ezgml_latitude_longitude_key RENAME TO latitude_longitude_key;

For eZ StarRating (for Postgre SQL only):

ALTER INDEX ezsr_data_user_id_session_key RENAME TO user_id_session_key;
ALTER INDEX ezsr_data_contentobject_id_contentobject_attribute_id
RENAME TO contentobject_id_contentobject_attribute_id;
UPDATE ezsite_data SET value='4.7.0rc1' WHERE name='ezpublish-version';
UPDATE ezsite_data SET value='1' WHERE name='ezpublish-release';
ALTER TABLE ONLY ezpending_actions
  ADD CONSTRAINT ezpending_actions_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id);
UPDATE eztrigger SET name = 'pre_updatemainassignment', function_name = 'updatemainassignment'
  WHERE name = 'pre_UpdateMainAssignment' AND function_name = 'UpdateMainAssignment';
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating RENAME COLUMN rating_average TO rating_average_tmp;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating ADD COLUMN rating_average real;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating ALTER rating_average SET DEFAULT 0::real ;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating ALTER rating_average SET NOT NULL ;
UPDATE ezstarrating SET rating_average=rating_average_tmp;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating DROP COLUMN rating_average_tmp;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating_data RENAME COLUMN rating TO rating_tmp;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating_data ADD COLUMN rating real;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating_data ALTER rating SET DEFAULT 0::real ;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating_data ALTER rating SET NOT NULL ;
UPDATE ezstarrating_data SET rating=rating_tmp;
ALTER TABLE ezstarrating_data DROP COLUMN rating_tmp;

Note: If you have already upgraded eZ StarRating packages while upgrading eZ Webwin, you may have run these queries already. If you run them again, some errors will rise.

INI settings

Update "settings/siteaccess/(public_site_name)/design.ini.append.php" and replace old settings with new ones:


Note: The settings above have not changed from 4.6, so unless you upgrade from 4.4, you don't need to change these settings. Check them, however. Better safe than sorry!

Clear Cache

Once the upgrade script is done, you need to clear the cache by executing following command from eZ Publish root folder:

php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge

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