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While we are doing our best to make sure our documentation fulfills all your needs, there is always place for improvement. If you'd like to contribute to our docs, you can do the following:

  • Add comments. Whenever you notice a mistake or possible improvement in any of the topics, leave a comment or suggestion at the bottom of the page.
  • Create a JIRA issue. You can also report any omissions or inaccuracies you find by creating a JIRA issue. See Report and follow issues: The bugtracker on how to do this. Remember to add the "Documentation" component to your issue to make sure we don't lose track of it.
  • Visit Slack. The #documentation-contrib channel on eZ Community Slack team is the place to drop your comments, suggestions, or proposals for things you'd like to see covered in documentation. (You can use the link to get an auto-invite to Slack).
  • Contact the Doc Team. If you'd like to add to any part of the documentation, you can also contact the Doc Team directly at