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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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Improvements (30 issues)

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-19161 Remove redundant indexes/keys Database related
EZP-19166 REST API: allow usage of eZ session cookie for authentication Legacy > REST interface
EZP-19946 Implement not implemented unit tests Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-20033 Implement XmlText relation handling Field types, Platform > API interfaces
EZP-20097 Specify a api to field types for dealing with relation handling Field types, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-20106 Repository is aware of legacy storage specific ezcontentobject_tree.path_identification_string Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-20151 Documentation: Please create documentation for eztc.php Documentation, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-20163 Remove loadRolesByGroupId from SPI and Implementation and Tests Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform > SPI interfaces
EZP-20258 eZ Recommendation - compatibility with eZDemo design Legacy > Extensions > eZ Recommendation
EZP-20259 eZ Recommendation - compatibility with ezwebin design Legacy > Extensions > eZ Recommendation
EZP-20260 eZ Recommendation - optimized scenario template Legacy > Extensions > eZ Recommendation
EZP-20295 No proxy support for outbound requests Legacy > Extensions > eZ Recommendation
EZP-20317 Add ContentTypeIdentifier Criterion Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-20395 Create doc on how to use Search via Public API Documentation, Platform > API interfaces, Search
EZP-20400 Remove deprecated parts of API: ContentInfo->contentType Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-20406 ezrecommendation cookie expiry time too short Legacy > Extensions > eZ Recommendation
EZP-20419 Fix unit- & integration-test failures on PHP 5.3.3 CI System, Test framework
EZP-20439 eZ Odoscope Multi-server Setup Documentation, Legacy > Extensions, Misc
EZP-20493 Documentation improvement: local-only caches on clustered systems
EZP-20516 ImageMagick filters parameter format changed in ezpublish.yml Documentation, Platform stack
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Features (20 issues)

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-19790 As a user I would like technical doc for ez_render_field() Documentation
EZP-19794 Document the writing of content/location view templates Documentation
EZP-19822 Building the Focused Overlay
EZP-19884 Refactoring content object storage and update Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-19948 Global variable available in twig Legacy > Template language
EZP-20051 Setting an empty value to a required field won't trigger a ContentValidationException Field types
EZP-20053 Write best practice high-level coding guidlines Design (templates, CSS, etc.)
EZP-20113 eZDate and eZTime FieldTypes are not supported by Public API Field types
EZP-20194 Merge performance optimization branch from Qafoo Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-20238 Upgrade to Symfony 2.2 Platform stack
EZP-20268 Move the eZ Publish 5.0 install doc to confluence Documentation
EZP-20286 Add multisite support for single content repository installation Platform stack
EZP-20288 As a support engineer I would like eZDB & eZFS2 Cluster removed in favor of eZDFS 5.x > Legacy IO, Database related, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-20322 Specify csrf use in REST for use with session based auth Platform > REST API v2
EZP-20324 As a user I would like that SPI calls are cached Caching
EZP-20399 Implement host+uri using compound siteaccess matcher Documentation, Platform stack
EZP-20426 Legacy cronjobs and scripts should be launchable from Symfony CLI Cronjobs, Platform stack
EZP-20467 Implement REST server csrf protection for session based authentication Platform > REST API v2
EZP-20621 Explain how to setup Memcached with Stash for SPI cache in multi-server mode Legacy > Clustering
EZP-20757 %secret% key should be generated at install/update Platform stack


Bug fixes (245 issues)

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-14361 Image / File is lost if draft saving fails Misc
EZP-14921 'small' size hardcoded in ezoe code Documentation, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-17761 ezcache.php --purge does not purge template-blocks (patch) Caching
EZP-17804 Tag cloud stacktrace on PostgreSQL Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Website Interface
EZP-17847 tc-497 - Changing a gallery content order in admin interface, requires the cache to be clear before changes appear on correspondent slideshow Misc
EZP-18195 $result.object is not correctly created Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-18398 empty set-block screws up compiled template Legacy > Template language
EZP-18662 switchlanguage doesn't respect RemoveSiteAccessIfDefaultAccess (patch proposed) Language
EZP-19158 limitation on Group in createPermissionCheckingSQL is very slow in sites with populated groups Database related
EZP-19243 Sso login mechanism should break inmediately after found a valid ssouser Users and Access control
EZP-19512 Regression: 'Language' parameter not considered any more in eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeByNodeID() Database related, Language
EZP-19576 SSLSubtrees stop working after changes Caching, Documentation
EZP-19602 Node attributes are not being translated Documentation, Legacy > Template language
EZP-19608 Wrong documentation while running the installation of eZ Publish Documentation, Install
EZP-19629 ezcache.php -> purge: file not removed from table ezimagefile, when not available on file system Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-19649 eZ DFS sql error storing image files when path contains apostrophe (urlalias_iri) Database related, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-19660 viewcache is cleared/refreshed before content publish operation is finished Caching
EZP-19668 eZ Flow layout zone changes are not visible in admin interface for already existing layouts. Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-19671 DFS cluster: expiryXYZtmp.php with 0 byte size Caching, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-19684 Search engine doesn't handle curly quotes correctly Search
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