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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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This page shows changes since alpha1.


Improvements (3 issues)


Features (1 issues)

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-18865 Separate DFS binary & cache tables and make it configurable Caching, Legacy > Clustering


Bug fixes (15 issues)

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-21274 Update YUI & jQuery in ezsjcore Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore
EZP-21304 REST api incorrectly parses requests with uri siteaccess Legacy > REST interface
EZP-21305 Object name pattern doesn't support object relation datatype as first condition in a fallback Field types
EZP-21430 [Admin Interface] Regression on preview (fatal error) Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-21465 Cleanup extra lines in the ezurl_object_link table
EZP-21467 PHP Notice in ezurlaliasquery.php
EZP-21511 Don't break prioritized languages when fetching eZURLAliasML->getPath in different locale Language
EZP-21537 [Demo Interface] My profile email appears with SPAMFILTER text DemoBundle
EZP-21547 HttpError for "Access denied" (1) is cached, returns "200 OK" instead Misc
EZP-21550 Changing owner, clearing cache needed for Owner(Self) to work Caching, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21561 eZ Publish 5.2alpha1 LS has a tones of JavaScript errors in admin interface Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-21575 Missing Legacy signal slot cache clearing on UpdateMetaData while updating user Platform > API interfaces
EZP-21578 Matching siteaccess on http header does not work Platform > REST API v2, Platform stack
EZP-21581 content_view_provider.configured service uses wrong matcher factory Platform stack
EZP-21648 When publishing Content with Location some Location create struct properties are not respected Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)

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