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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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This page shows changes since beta1.

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-20502 avoid Symfony exception when file is missing for ezimage attribute 5.x > Legacy IO, Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.), Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21501 Support object state group limitation in API Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21640 Implement FieldRelation search criterion Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Search
EZP-21701 ez_render_field should be able to use current template as parameter Legacy > Template language, Platform stack
EZP-21733 Improve exceptions thrown in RoleService Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21793 Add $matchAlwaysAvailable parameter to LanguageCriterion Platform > API interfaces, Search


Key Summary Component/s
EZP-19979 Class on ezxml tags are (almost) not handled Field types
EZP-20558 Workflow Event/Approve not working correctly Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-20769 REST v2: Reading object containing ezimage datatype returns hardcoded ( and wrong ) results Platform > REST API v2
EZP-21032 Rest spec missing info about is_logged_in cookie when explaining session based auth Documentation, Platform > REST API v2
EZP-21156 Class modification with a lot of cache to expire Caching, Database related
EZP-21433 embed-inline tags in xmltext fields are not rendered properly by core XSL Design (templates, CSS, etc.), Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform stack
EZP-21438 Improve relation permission handling to use view_embed Permissions
EZP-21469 [API] language mask on ezcontentobject incorreclty set Language
EZP-21498 Check file consistency warns about ~ files Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-21522 Unable to publish an image content with the REST API Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.), Field types, Platform > REST API v2
EZP-21558 DFS/MySQLi ezie error in copy with split DFS tables Legacy > Extensions > eZ Image Editor
EZP-21567 Blank e-mail subject line with multi-byte characters (iconv_mime_encode: Unknown error) Language, Notifications
EZP-21568 Typo in REST\Server\Controller\Role Platform > REST API v2
EZP-21589 Boolean values are serialized as string in JSON responses of the REST API Platform > REST API v2
EZP-21591 Querystring lost in redirections Misc
EZP-21599 Fix regression from EZP-19660 at a higher level Legacy > Workflows
EZP-21611 unpublish cronjob uses anonymous credentials Cronjobs
EZP-21612 handleViewException response not returned in ViewController Platform stack
EZP-21613 Compound\LogicalAnd serialization fails Platform stack
EZP-21621 ContentView::setTemplateIdentifier throws InvalidArgumentTypeException even with the right type Platform stack
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