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3rd June 2014

eZ announces the availability of 5.3.1, our first maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.3 containing a notable few updates and fixes.

Newer release available

A newer release is available, rendering update instructions here obsolete and non working. Please see 5.3.x Update Instructions for always uptodate instructions for 5.3 releases.

Additional fix on Friday June 13th 2014 16:00 CET had a issue affecting composer.lock references to invalid eZ packages, this has now been fixed and re running the update command shown below and version the updated composer.lock should solve the problem.

Updating from a previous version of eZ Publish Platform 5.3

These instructions take advantage of the new composer powered update systems in 5.3 for maintenance updates, as for Upgrading from versions prior to 5.3 look at our Upgrading from 5.1 to 5.3 or Upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3 page.

Before you start, make sure you have Composer installed and familiarize yourself with the Using Composer page.

1. Updating Composer Packages selectively:

With this option you will only update the packages from eZ that have had updates after 5.3.0:

Note: If your using eZ Find, add "ezsystems/ezfind-ls" to the parameters to get latest version.

2. Updating Nginx configuration

If you're using Nginx as your webserver instead of Apache, then make sure to update Nginx vhost configuration.

Package updates in this release

Here are the packages that have received an update as part of this release:


Updates and fixes in this release