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17th October 2014

eZ announces the availability of 5.3.3, a maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.3 containing a notable few updates and fixes.

Worth mentioning in this release are some improvements/fixes to: Repository API performance, IO performance, formtoken exceptions, preview functionality, asynchronous publishing, content staging, image & image alias handling, lazy sessions, and some ESI/hinclude request failing because the way SiteAccess info was serialized.

Newer release available

A newer release is available, rendering update instructions here obsolete and non working. Please see 5.3.x Update Instructions for always uptodate instructions for 5.3 releases.

Updating from a previous version of eZ Publish Platform 5.3

These instructions take advantage of the new Composer powered update systems in 5.3 for maintenance updates, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the Using Composer page.
For Upgrading from versions prior to 5.3 look at our Upgrading from 5.1 to 5.3 or Upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3 page.

1. Patch your composer.json file

Issues with Zeta Components and Composer have been fixed so you should edit composer.json and remove any line with "zetacomponents/" like illustrated in diff below:

/composer.json diff

2. Updating Nginx configuration

If you're using Nginx as your webserver instead of Apache, then make sure to update Nginx vhost configuration, changes since 5.3.0: 5.3.1, 5.3.3 

3. Updating Composer Packages selectively

With this command you'll only update packages from eZ (and Symfony) that have received updates since 5.3.0:

Note: Add "ezsystems/ezfind-ls", "ezsystems/ezcontentstaging-ls" and/or "ezsystems/ezsurvey-ls" to the parameters to get latest version if you also use these extensions.

4. Update the database

Import to your database the changes provided in:


And if you use Cluster (DFS) the following:


Package updates

Here are the packages that have received an update as part of this releases:

packageversionprior version

Other packages that have received update since 5.3.0:



Updates and fixes in this release

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-22191 As a User I expect API's with language filters to respect Always available flag Language, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform stack
EZP-23116 Change SPI Content Search Handler to return ContentInfo Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Search
EZP-22995 Disable ezformtoken for lowlevel legacy fallbacks Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token, Platform stack
EZP-23263 Allow setting section and state during creation of new object Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23296 Template Block Cache has cache key collisions Caching
EZP-23333 Improve Content object build speed using SPI Cache Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23355 Add a getter for wrappedUser property in UserWrapper
EZP-21825 Temporary files not always deleted when copying from DFS to FS Legacy > Clustering
EZP-22974 When I create a new Image I get Error: eZDir::recursiveDelete Caching, Misc
EZP-23019 Date and Time attribute displays 1st january 1970 when no date is set Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23066 Errors when/after trashing content with empty image Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23080 Updating an image through API fails when using DFS Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23086 Image thumbnail not shown on backend if alias contains quotes
EZP-23121 5.2 Role Service API allows duplicate assignments with subtree limitations to user group Platform > API interfaces
EZP-23124 eZ Flow block items in v1 of content aren't synced correctly Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-23142 API Signals are not transaction safe 5.x > Legacy IO, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine
EZP-23146 When I step through the setup wizard I get Error: eZDir::recursiveDelete Caching, Misc
EZP-23152 deleteVersion removes images from published version Platform > API interfaces
EZP-23168 ESI or Hinclude request URLs can exceed acceptable size of 8KB Platform stack
EZP-23170 "swap node" function can swap container and non-container nodes (invalid state) Legacy > Administration Interface, Misc
EZP-23176 Lazy sessions are not honored in 5.3 Platform stack, Users and Access control
EZP-23182 eZOE: Image preview not shown in popup/browse if alias contains quotes Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23184 LegacyHelper doesn't call parent constructor Platform stack
EZP-23185 Image not displayed in editor if alias contains quotes Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23186 eZFind: Elevation error on synchronize Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23189 Composer install/update fails on zetacomponents/base requirements Composer
EZP-23192 Cannot define array settings in default scope Platform stack
EZP-23195 An empty line at the beginning of a Text block will be lost Legacy > Administration Interface, Misc, Platform UI (Admin UI & Content UI)
EZP-23206 Multiple versions with status 'Published' when using asynchronous publishing Misc, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23207 Alternative text field of an image attribute is not updated unless the file field is updated. Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-23208 async publishing: the polling javascript can get mixed-up and give bad results Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23210 Exception thrown when using alternative user provider/login handler Platform stack, Users and Access control
EZP-23211 Impossible to align multiple cells Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23218 password in not stored when a user draft is saved Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23221 ez_route() operator in preview causes PHP Fatal error
EZP-23222 LanguageSwitcher does not work in content preview Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform stack
EZP-23228 Wrong translation code for cze Language, Platform stack
EZP-23234 Language Switcher using sub-requests throws an exception in preview Platform stack
EZP-23249 Switching siteaccess does not update prioritized languages Language
EZP-23251 Javascript error trying to paste an iframe html in a literal html tag Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23253 XmlText Fieldtype doesn't respect literal tag with class html Field types
EZP-23254 DFS - tmp files left if the file size is not identical to the original one Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23257 ezsurvey: fatal error when instantiating a "related object" survey question from cli / rest context
EZP-23264 hasParameter() of LegacyConfigResolver causes an error, if the requested parameter does not exist. Platform stack
EZP-23277 [Content Staging] Not possible to sync if content language differs from parent node's language Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-23282 Solr returns wrong results after object language deletion Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23283 New stack: urlalias_iri problem with multi-byte URL Misc
EZP-23295 Formtoken exception when copying subtree Misc
EZP-23299 ezpm: adding a subtree with nodeId misses children Legacy > Packages
EZP-23310 Preview causes content cache to be purged and deadlocks Database related, Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23312 Async pub: old processes are filling up the database Cronjobs, Database related
EZP-23313 Yaml ParseException Composer, Platform stack
EZP-23314 Undefined variable $matcher + matcher should be mandatory in config? Platform stack
EZP-23316 AdvancedObjectRelationList: content not saved Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23322 required object relation list attribute not being validated Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23332 Templating Legacy Engine throws warning if TemplateReference is passed as param to supports method Legacy > Template language
EZP-23335 Admin preview doesn't use the right pagelayout Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23337 New stack does not generate 301 redirects for wrongly cased URLs Platform stack
EZP-23338 Publishing from preview with asynchronous publisher does not redirect to "content is being published" Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23341 Incorrect role/policy subtree limitation handling in section/assign Legacy > Administration Interface, Permissions
EZP-23344 render_hinclude not working with nginx Documentation
EZP-23345 Headings inside tables are rendered with incorrect level Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-23348 Misleading error message on deleted embed objects Misc
EZP-23350 button_bg.png not found when using admin design Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-23353 eZ Find: MySQLi errors in cluster DB when using multiple processes (conc > 1) Database related, Legacy > Clustering, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23363 When using alternate tree_root all requests are handled by legacycontroller
EZP-23364 EZP-23337 breaks tree_root
EZP-23381 UserService::loadUserGroupsOfUser() checks wrong permissions Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Users and Access control
EZP-23384 Fix ZetaComponents dependencies Composer
EZP-23390 IOService loads whole file to get mime type with FS cluster handler 5.x > Legacy IO, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23408 clusterpurge.php not clearing expired images with scope "images" Legacy > Clustering