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July 27th 2015

eZ announces the availability of 5.3.6, a maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.3 containing a notable few updates and fixes.

Follow the 5.3.x Update Instructions to apply this update to your platforms.

Packages updates

Here are the packages that have received an update to 5.3.5 as part of this release:

packageversionprior version

Other packages that have received update since 5.3.0:



Updates and fixes in this release

T Key Summary
Story EZP-24232 Implement missing Indexable services for field types with single-valued fields
Improvement EZP-20723 linkcheck cronjob: some urls marked invalid due to HEAD request
Improvement EZP-21404 eZ Find: Allow excluding the object owner/author from search
Improvement EZP-21764 eZ Find instantiates eZINI classes through file inclusion
Improvement EZP-21794 Implement integration test framework for Search with Field criterion and sort clause
Improvement EZP-23215 Remove source from eZ Flow block
Improvement EZP-24484 zend-stdlib conflict when using composer
Improvement EZP-24539 Avoid expensive sorting sql when not needed in Search
Bug EZP-21477 URL wildcard aliases with leading slashes are not recognized
Bug EZP-23822 PathPrefix still present when using ezpLanguageSwitcher
Bug EZP-23878 No result when I found 1 location in several languages with multicore ezfind
Bug EZP-24104 multilingual objects created via copy function can not be synchronized using ezcontentstaging
Bug EZP-24198 legacy admin: autosave will delete information about relations if AdvancedObjectRelationList = enabled
Bug EZP-24214 Incorrect Finnish country name translation: Suomi (ezcountry datatype)
Bug EZP-24215 CopyContent method returns content with 0 as its main location id
Bug EZP-24216 Character ":" being returned in the http header
Bug EZP-24223 "Copy Subtree" fails with fatal error when using SlaveServer (MySQL Master-Slave)
Bug EZP-24240 Links in table cell apply incorrectly when text has a line break
Bug EZP-24268 Deleting the last version of the Content should not be allowed
Bug EZP-24277 ezcontentstaging 4.7.1: States lost after sync
Bug EZP-24278 Content View Cache is not cleared after sync with eZContentStaging
Bug EZP-24334 Error exporting ezpackage with ezpm.php through ezpublish:legacy:script
Bug EZP-24350 It's not possible to remove blocks eZ Flow
Bug EZP-24366 language switcher : UrlAliasGenerator generate wrong url when there is always available
Bug EZP-24367 Token error with remember me activated in Legacy and Symfony
Bug EZP-24369 eZ Flow blocks names mixed up after re-ordering
Bug EZP-24374 Impossible to load location after a move request with the REST API
Bug EZP-24399 UrlAliasGenerator does not consider root Location for a given siteaccess
Bug EZP-24419 var/cache/active_extension_*.php files not being purged
Bug EZP-24463 Preview will fail with remember me activated in Legacy and Symfony
Bug EZP-24483 New stack cache clearing mechanism documentation needed
Bug EZP-24488 Object State update priority implementation relies on buggy PHP behavior
Bug EZP-24490 eZ Content Staging: order of eZ Flow block items wrong after syncing
Bug EZP-24491 eZOE: "go back" button for custom tags with custom attributes of type "link" doesn't work
Bug EZP-24492 eZOE: custom attributes of type "link" don't work properly when custom tag name contains underscores
Bug EZP-24499 loading Content with many languages & attributes & locations leads to high memory usage
Bug EZP-24521 eZXMLTextType::deleteStoredObjectAttribute performance improvement
Bug EZP-24522 eZ Content Staging: stale sync events
Bug EZP-24530 edit main language of object will show related objects only from main language
Bug EZP-24535 Fixing empty width/height and allowing to force them
Bug EZP-24562 Twig's path() / ez_urlalias() breaks on urls with special chars
Bug EZP-24575 Documentation: Add release notes information to upgrades page