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March 21st 2016

eZ announces the availability of 5.3.8, a maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.3.

Follow the 5.3.x Update Instructions to apply this update to your platforms. If you're migrating from 5.3.6, a simple composer update ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel should be sufficient to update.

Package updates

eZ Systems packages

Here are the ezsystems packages that have received an update as part of this releases:

packageversionprior version

3rd party packages updates

packageversionprior version

Updates and fixes in this release

Key Summary T Created Updated
EZP-23847 Add Role API parameter to get inherited RoleAssignments Improvement Jan 02, 2015 Nov 16, 2015
EZP-24825 ezodf, custom source path for templates Improvement Sep 17, 2015 Jan 07, 2016
EZP-24878 ezflow: Filter blocks per zone Improvement Sep 25, 2015 Oct 05, 2015
EZP-18202 Impossible to clear previously populated ISBN datatype Bug Mar 26, 2011 Dec 03, 2015
EZP-23544 UrlStorage::getFieldData logs an error if URL with an empty ID is not found Bug Oct 30, 2014 Sep 08, 2015
EZP-24083 Content Service creates empty url in ezurl db table Bug Feb 25, 2015 Jul 29, 2015
EZP-24467 [API] When moving an object to an hidden container, the moved object doesn't have the hidden by superior status Bug Jun 02, 2015 Feb 19, 2019
EZP-24591 The index_cluster ETag header's syntax isn't valid Bug Jul 10, 2015 Aug 03, 2015
EZP-24618 Fatal error in eZ Flow block when the user has no rights to object states and sections Bug Jul 23, 2015 Aug 13, 2015
EZP-24631 Typo in the french registration confirmation email Bug Jul 25, 2015 Jul 28, 2015
EZP-24632 VersionInfo not containing all translated names Bug Jul 26, 2015 Aug 14, 2015
EZP-24641 Copy button next to Published article not triggering an action Bug Jul 27, 2015 Aug 03, 2015
EZP-24686 Multisite cross siteaccess links won't work with different languages Bug Aug 03, 2015 Aug 14, 2015
EZP-24692 Video content object leaves unused video files on the server Bug Aug 05, 2015 Nov 17, 2015
EZP-24702 Allow Setup Wizard to work non interactively with kickstart data Bug Aug 11, 2015 Sep 01, 2015
EZP-24705 eZXmlText: whitespace between tags in a paragraph is removed on display. Bug Aug 11, 2015 Sep 08, 2015
EZP-24737 urlalias_iri : German umlaut and other special chars will make the design to fallback to legacy Bug Aug 26, 2015 Apr 29, 2016
EZP-24738 Linkcheck cronjob marks valid links as invalid Bug Aug 26, 2015 Sep 07, 2015
EZP-24739 ezFind IndexBoost not working in some locales Bug Aug 27, 2015 Nov 21, 2016
EZP-24747 Unknown column 'sort_column_1_null' in 'order clause' Bug Aug 31, 2015 Feb 23, 2016
EZP-24759 Repository sudo method does not use signal slot repository Bug Sep 02, 2015 Sep 08, 2015
EZP-24783 Template block cache is always expired on content operations "sort" and "updatepriority" Bug Sep 08, 2015 Nov 26, 2015
EZP-24809 Create documentation related to the upgrade of eZ Find (to 5.3 & 5.4) Bug Sep 15, 2015 Oct 21, 2015
EZP-24844 Fix inconsistent content left by EZP-22408 Bug Sep 21, 2015 Feb 15, 2016
EZP-24868 Autoload generation fails if "<ClassName>::class" is used in a parsed file Bug Sep 24, 2015 Sep 29, 2015
EZP-25014 Impossible to update a policy with no limitations Bug Oct 21, 2015 Oct 23, 2015
EZP-25058 md5 string comparision with "==" fails, if the strings begin with "0e" Bug Nov 03, 2015 Dec 14, 2015
EZP-25060 URL alias for home page "/" is changed after updating landing page Bug Oct 16, 2015 Nov 18, 2015
EZP-25065 non translatable object relations not updated when editing content with multiple translations Bug Nov 06, 2015 Jan 07, 2016
EZP-25089 Object state assignment in legacy admin does not clear persistence cache in platform stack Bug Nov 11, 2015 Sep 07, 2016
EZP-25199 Files uploaded using multiupload before fix from EZP-23739 will continue without extension Bug Dec 04, 2015 Jan 08, 2016
EZP-25240 Internal cache not properly updating on restoration of trashed node Bug Dec 07, 2015 Jul 01, 2016
EZP-25242 Password change resets to default Bug Dec 08, 2015 Jan 06, 2016
EZP-25243 Hexadecimal numeric character references break literal text block in OE Bug Dec 08, 2015 Jan 13, 2016
EZP-25455 eZOracle: Link management doesn't show objects Bug Feb 09, 2016 Mar 10, 2016
EZP-25531 ezwtServerCallFunctions::updatePriority() calls wrong cache expiring method Bug Mar 02, 2016 Mar 08, 2016