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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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This page shows changes since the 5.3 release.


Key Summary Component/s
EZP-20463 Extract Search backend into own SPI Search
EZP-21481 Implement UrlStorage::deleteFieldData() Field types
EZP-21527 As a user I want to perform a simple search using Platform Stack DemoBundle, Search
EZP-22191 As a User I expect API's with language filters to respect Always available flag Language, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform stack
EZP-22280 Implement a native image AliasGenerator Platform stack
EZP-22400 Use FOSHttpCacheBundle + Symfony Cache + Varnish 4 support Caching, Platform stack
EZP-22443 Implement generic template rendered tags for RichText field type Field types
EZP-22510 As a developer, I want to directly inject dynamic settings in my services Platform stack
EZP-22523 Support locking with Memcached SessionHandler Documentation, Platform stack
EZP-22550 As a end user I want to see a breadcrumb to navigate in the Demo Bundle DemoBundle
EZP-22601 Integrate KnpMenuBundle in the DemoBundle DemoBundle
EZP-22654 As a developer, I want to be able to edit and create a section in the admin part of the PlatformUI Platform UI (Admin UI & Content UI)
EZP-22960 Make the Legacy DFS backend configurable 5.x > Legacy IO, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23034 eZ Price FieldType not supported by Public API
EZP-23084 When authenticating, user should be redirected to DefaultPage if set Platform stack, Users and Access control
EZP-23094 Make SiteAccess aware semantic configuration reusable and extensible Platform stack
EZP-23116 Change SPI Content Search Handler to return ContentInfo Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Search
EZP-23163 Use the new ConfigurationProcessor in kernel Platform stack
EZP-23328 Split the IO handler interface Legacy > Clustering, Platform stack
EZP-23329 Implement search SPI on Elasticsearch Search
EZP-23378 Make filesystem the default IO handler
EZP-23391 As a developer, I want to use dynamic setting with stylesheets/javascripts assetic tags DemoBundle, Legacy > Template language, Platform stack, Platform UI (Admin UI & Content UI)
EZP-23395 Re-organizing documentation [Spike] Documentation
EZP-23404 API Docs new version [spike] Documentation
EZP-23437 Finish the native DFS IO metadata handler Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23441 IO Url decorator configuration
EZP-23534 Improve handling of missing binary files
EZP-23671 Write 5.2 and 5.3 to 5.4 upgrade documentation Documentation, Upgrading


Key Summary Component/s
EZP-21380 eZFind:allow retrieving 'highlighting' as a SearchExtras attribute Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-21404 eZ Find: Allow excluding the object owner/author from search Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-21808 content staging: allow fetch functions to get events filtered by status Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-22276 URI templates in Root resource should use query expansion format Platform > REST API v2
EZP-22602 Places: content tree default setup DemoBundle
EZP-22606 Add 10000km in the geosorting list DemoBundle
EZP-22735 Make {{ path( 'ez_urlalias' ) }} polymorphic Platform stack
EZP-22776 Implement missing NewState Limitation Permissions
EZP-22858 Display in HTML Comments name of the used template Legacy > Template language
EZP-22907 Make it possible to prevent automatic login while registering Users and Access control
EZP-22988 More dev friendly info on UnauthorizedException Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-22992 Upgrade to Stash v0.12 and StashBundle v0.4
EZP-22995 Disable ezformtoken for lowlevel legacy fallbacks Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token, Platform stack
EZP-23038 Add a LocationSearch PagerFanta Adapter Platform stack
EZP-23045 In the admin interface: make it possible to sort by visibility Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23053 Provide more information on FieldType not found exceptions Field types, Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23095 Introduce a way to skip the confirmation mail sent upon user registration Documentation, Users and Access control
EZP-23122 Inline document support for custom tag names Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23134 Cache content load calls with translations Caching, Platform > SPI interfaces
EZP-23203 Improve handling of unexpected Solr response Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23212 Enhanced template error handling for some error cases Legacy > Template language
EZP-23260 eZ Find update index script shouldn't run if eZ Find is not enabled Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23263 Allow setting section and state during creation of new object Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23288 Allow to set modifier of Content Versions Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23296 Template Block Cache has cache key collisions Caching
EZP-23317 Twig Helper to get field name, description and other properties in a template Documentation, Legacy > Template language
EZP-23333 Improve Content object build speed using SPI Cache Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23343 Add support for IPv6 addresses and address ranges to DebugByIP feature in eZDebug class to enable debug output Misc
EZP-23351 Honor relative flag on legacy:assets_install for legacy wrappers Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23355 Add a getter for wrappedUser property in UserWrapper
EZP-23368 Migrate image filters leftovers Platform stack
EZP-23394 Upgrade Solr to 4.10 for eZ Find Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23407 Have the option to mark elevated search results by using the document transformer feature Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23421 Add support for static cache handler system in rss import cronjob part Cronjobs
EZP-23462 Cache Object state Persistence class with Stash Caching
EZP-23492 Improve use of assetic dump with composer Composer
EZP-23494 Re-sync eZ Publish 5.4 with symfony-standard 2.5+ Platform stack
EZP-23510 Add support for overriding ez_page controller with block override rules Platform stack
EZP-23593 Sort class list alphabetically in advanced search (admin siteaccess) Legacy > Administration Interface, Search
EZP-23630 Add support for image alias post processors Platform stack



Key Summary Component/s
EZP-21109 Integer validators wont work if they were defined as default Field types, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21331 ezfind: fatal error if wrong facet def passed to search fetch Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-21779 eZFind Unit Tests: ezfind_elevate_configuration table is tried to be created twice Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Test framework
EZP-21781 ezfSolrDocumentFieldBaseTest::testGetFieldName() throws an error because of updated table structure Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Test framework
EZP-21783 Non-existing class eZSolrMultiCoreBase causes Unit Tests to throw an error Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Test framework
EZP-21813 API Exception when having comment policy with limitation Legacy > Extensions > eZ Comments, Permissions, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21825 Temporary files not always deleted when copying from DFS to FS Legacy > Clustering
EZP-21847 cannot generate autoloads/execute ezpublish:legacy:script if ezxFormToken class isn't found Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token, Platform stack
EZP-22162 Improve doc for roleId parameter of GET /user/roles Documentation, Platform > REST API v2
EZP-22408 Deleting a content does not remove references to this content in relation(list) fields Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Platform stack
EZP-22553 Copyright 2013 in some eZ Publish 5.3 alpha 1 components Misc
EZP-22554 Email error when registering a user Notifications
EZP-22615 Not possible to remove an image from an object Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-22628 Trashing an edited user throws errors
EZP-22664 View cache not cleared properly if the node count is above the threshold Caching, Platform stack
EZP-22730 /url/view/ shows wrong status for objectversions Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-22742 Missing steps in eZ MarketingAutomation installation doc Documentation, Legacy > Extensions
EZP-22751 DELETE /user/sessions/<id> does not remove the session cookie Platform > REST API v2, Platform UI (Admin UI & Content UI)
EZP-22755 Javascript error with fixed_toolbar.js Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-22775 [API] Permissions should handle missing limitations better Permissions, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-22792 eZContentObjectTrashNode originalParent() method fails when called multiple times Misc
EZP-22808 Updating Content with some field types without setting value for them will fail Field types, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-22814 Fix tests database automatic creation Test framework
EZP-22818 eZ Content Staging is not syncing child objects Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-22839 DemoBundle settings hardcoded to specific siteaccess names/group DemoBundle
EZP-22840 Error : Argument '$object' is invalid: Must be of type: ContentCreateStruct, ... Permissions, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-22859 Object Relations versions not saved correctly in Solr Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-22860 Moving WF event fails if user is not valid Legacy > Workflows
EZP-22867 Fatal error when trying to edit a wait until date workflow that refers to a removed eZContentClass Legacy > Workflows
EZP-22886 Adding WF event breaks positions if user is not valid Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-22903 eZFind: Fetch url_alias in all available languages Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-22913 Removing version image aliases causes MySQL timeouts due to extremely high amount of queries. Database related, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-22915 Clearing caches fail if cache folder is symlinked Caching, Misc
EZP-22921 eZPublish installation shows undefined variable in error.log Install
EZP-22923 ezcontentobject_link table not cleared when a relations attribute is deleted from a class Database related
EZP-22924 eZ Find fetch does not respect limitation parameter Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-22925 Database setting injection is broken on upgrade Database related
EZP-22928 Embed inline image are always seen as inline in Online Editor Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-22930 Search: Remove duplicate criterions Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Search
EZP-22933 When seing several geo-content objects on one map, zoom is not adjusted for the corpus DemoBundle
EZP-22955 index_*.php files are not passed on to FPM socket/network on nginx Documentation
EZP-22961 Change solr search handler to use SoftCommit by default Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine, Search
EZP-22964 5.x API contentUpdate for eZXml adds entry to ezurl, but not to ezurl_object_link Platform > API interfaces
EZP-22969 Updating Content with Xml-/RichText adds entry to ezurl, but not to ezurl_object_link Field types, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-22974 When I create a new Image I get Error: eZDir::recursiveDelete Caching, Misc
EZP-22982 /content/treemenu throws PHP notices with nginx Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-22985 Uploading files with the ezpRelationListAjaxUploader is broken Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-22989 Blog Calendar in demobundle only allows you navigate to previous and next month DemoBundle
EZP-22999 XmlText and RichText do not implement FieldStorage::deleteFieldData() Field types, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23003 User is logged out after first (multi)upload with ezfind Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Legacy > Extensions > eZ MultiUpload
EZP-23019 Date and Time attribute displays 1st january 1970 when no date is set Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23020 Declaration of eZINIAddonPackageHandler::install() Legacy > Packages
EZP-23027 Session files not being removed/cleaned up Documentation, Platform stack
EZP-23028 eZObjectRelationList not considering the selected object Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23033 DefaultPage setting injected from eZ5 into legacy, but it can not be set via yml configuration
EZP-23037 Subtree criterion in content search does not scale (MySQL timeouts) Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23046 Pagelayout overrides for some kernel errors only work once
EZP-23056 Use locationSearch for topmenu instead of deprecated SortClause\Location DemoBundle
EZP-23057 viewContent response misses the X-Location-Id Platform stack
EZP-23064 Legacy script doesn't always receive --siteaccess option Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine, Platform stack
EZP-23066 Errors when/after trashing content with empty image Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23071 Clicking on the eZIE edit button doesn't do anything Legacy > Extensions > eZ Image Editor, Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore
EZP-23073 blank screen given when you select an option in the browse list Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23074 Missing form token meta tags when browsing legacy modules Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Image Editor, Platform stack
EZP-23080 Updating an image through API fails when using DFS Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23082 completely remove ezsearch_return_count table Database related, Search
EZP-23090 Adapt classes and schema for deprecated items, make sure no warnings are emitted by default Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23121 5.2 Role Service API allows duplicate assignments with subtree limitations to user group Platform > API interfaces
EZP-23124 eZ Flow block items in v1 of content aren't synced correctly Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-23142 API Signals are not transaction safe 5.x > Legacy IO, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine
EZP-23146 When I step through the setup wizard I get Error: eZDir::recursiveDelete Caching, Misc
EZP-23152 deleteVersion removes images from published version Platform > API interfaces
EZP-23156 Uncaught PHP Exception eZ\Publish\Core\Base\Exceptions\InvalidArgumentValue on missing password Platform stack
EZP-23168 ESI or Hinclude request URLs can exceed acceptable size of 8KB Platform stack
EZP-23186 eZFind: Elevation error on synchronize Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23189 Composer install/update fails on zetacomponents/base requirements Composer
EZP-23192 Cannot define array settings in default scope Platform stack
EZP-23194 Notice on the final step of setup wizard Install, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-23208 async publishing: the polling javascript can get mixed-up and give bad results Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23210 Exception thrown when using alternative user provider/login handler Platform stack, Users and Access control
EZP-23211 Impossible to align multiple cells Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23217 Ruleset settings not taken into account DemoBundle, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Comments
EZP-23221 ez_route() operator in preview causes PHP Fatal error
EZP-23222 LanguageSwitcher does not work in content preview Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform stack
EZP-23228 Wrong translation code for cze Language, Platform stack
EZP-23232 Minor bug in base full image.tpl Design (templates, CSS, etc.)
EZP-23234 Language Switcher using sub-requests throws an exception in preview Platform stack
EZP-23241 KnpMenu not showing menu bar when there is no content DemoBundle
EZP-23249 Switching siteaccess does not update prioritized languages Language
EZP-23251 Javascript error trying to paste an iframe html in a literal html tag Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23253 XmlText Fieldtype doesn't respect literal tag with class html Field types
EZP-23254 DFS - tmp files left if the file size is not identical to the original one Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23255 No error shown on createObject Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore
EZP-23257 ezsurvey: fatal error when instantiating a "related object" survey question from cli / rest context
EZP-23262 Incorrect code documentation for ContentCreateStruct() Platform > REST Client:JS
EZP-23264 hasParameter() of LegacyConfigResolver causes an error, if the requested parameter does not exist. Platform stack
EZP-23269 DemoBundle: pager design is broken DemoBundle
EZP-23277 [Content Staging] Not possible to sync if content language differs from parent node's language Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-23282 Solr returns wrong results after object language deletion Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23283 New stack: urlalias_iri problem with multi-byte URL Misc
EZP-23287 empty Image FieldType triggers twig_error_runtime Platform stack
EZP-23299 ezpm: adding a subtree with nodeId misses children Legacy > Packages
EZP-23310 Preview causes content cache to be purged and deadlocks Database related, Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23312 Async pub: old processes are filling up the database Cronjobs, Database related
EZP-23314 Undefined variable $matcher + matcher should be mandatory in config? Platform stack
EZP-23316 AdvancedObjectRelationList: content not saved Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23322 required object relation list attribute not being validated Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23325 No redirection is performed after feedback form is correctly submitted DemoBundle
EZP-23332 Templating Legacy Engine throws warning if TemplateReference is passed as param to supports method Legacy > Template language
EZP-23335 Admin preview doesn't use the right pagelayout Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23338 Publishing from preview with asynchronous publisher does not redirect to "content is being published" Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23341 Incorrect role/policy subtree limitation handling in section/assign Legacy > Administration Interface, Permissions
EZP-23344 render_hinclude not working with nginx Documentation
EZP-23345 Headings inside tables are rendered with incorrect level Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-23348 Misleading error message on deleted embed objects Misc
EZP-23349 Property "id" on Image\Value is filled with wrong value Field types
EZP-23350 button_bg.png not found when using admin design Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-23353 eZ Find: MySQLi errors in cluster DB when using multiple processes (conc > 1) Database related, Legacy > Clustering, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23363 When using alternate tree_root all requests are handled by legacycontroller
EZP-23364 EZP-23337 breaks tree_root
EZP-23381 UserService::loadUserGroupsOfUser() checks wrong permissions Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Users and Access control
EZP-23387 Move image variation config for ezdemo to DemoBundle DemoBundle, Platform stack
EZP-23389 ezcMailComposer bug when sending e-mails with long name and Norwegian characters Misc
EZP-23390 IOService loads whole file to get mime type with FS cluster handler 5.x > Legacy IO, Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23392 Notice when using the REST API after upgrading Symfony to 2.5 Platform > REST API v2, Platform stack
EZP-23408 clusterpurge.php not clearing expired images with scope "images" Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23413 Imagine alias generator: could not find configuration for a filter "original" Platform stack
EZP-23424 Public API loadContentByRemoteId returns wrong content due to stale cache Caching, Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23428 XmlText converter removes paragraph tag when embed (image) tag is in the paragraph Field types
EZP-23463 bin/scripts/rhel/solr restart & stop does not work Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23465 Elasticsearch: refactor FieldMap implementation for caching and multiple fields support Search
EZP-23474 LegacyEmbedScriptCommand doesn't activate the LegacyBundles
EZP-23477 Trashing content with an empty image generates an exception Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.), Platform stack
EZP-23487 Prefix images not found in images-versioned
EZP-23495 Legacy Image IO Checks for wrong exception 5.x > Legacy IO
EZP-23497 Workflow Event / Multiplexer: can not remove user groups from "Users without workflow IDs" Legacy > Workflows
EZP-23499 Fatal error if you try to remove class with a nonexistent datatype Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23505 Router generates wrong URL without vhost
EZP-23506 Cache problems on frontend using eZ Demo Caching, Legacy > Clustering, Platform stack
EZP-23511 EZ Si Vhost issues on Apache 2.4 Documentation, Legacy > Extensions
EZP-23516 Language switcher and legacy module Language
EZP-23517 Excluded uri prefixes result in redirect loop Platform stack
EZP-23523 Remove an embed image will cause fatal error when displaying content Platform stack
EZP-23528 eZContentObjectTreeNode::createAttributeFilterSQLStrings() returns invalid 'in'/'not in' SQL statements Database related
EZP-23529 Storing a draft with a bad object relation link should not create an entry in ezcontentobject_link Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23530 Shipping VAT value is not taken into account Misc
EZP-23532 Languages lost from content when using packages Legacy > Packages
EZP-23535 Silent BinaryFileNotFoundException on missing binary file 5.x > Legacy IO
EZP-23544 UrlStorage::getFieldData logs an error if URL with an empty ID is not found Field types
EZP-23552 Symfony cache won't be cleaned if Legacy ViewCaching is disabled Caching, Platform stack
EZP-23553 Checking for existence of legacy templates does not work Legacy > Template language, Platform stack
EZP-23564 ezinfo/about 5.4.0beta1-ttl not tagged correctly Legacy > Extensions
EZP-23568 Not possible to view created article due fatal error Legacy > Administration Interface, Misc
EZP-23577 Native DFS IO metadata handler not returning images correctly Platform stack
EZP-23578 Fatal error in LocationService copy/move when content/read has limitations Permissions, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23579 As a Sysadmin I want to have official Apache configuration bundled with the code Documentation
EZP-23580 FOSHttpCache always matches default site with urielement matcher Caching
EZP-23594 It's not possible to use custom controllers for embed (inline) views in XmlText field type Platform stack
EZP-23595 PDOException in UserService createUser(): Integrity constraint violation Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23599 Legacy search location gateway is not correctly quoting depth column Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23600 productimage image_variation injection missing reference and filters in admin interface DemoBundle
EZP-23603 eZ Find: "Hidden by superior" nodes not indexed when parent is hidden/unhidden in frontend Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23604 Error installing package Legacy > Administration Interface, Legacy > Packages
EZP-23605 [Demo] eZ Mountains link missing in the menu DemoBundle
EZP-23606 View parameter named "node" overrides $node variable in legacy template
EZP-23607 content versionview displays wrong published version in object information Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23622 Link for "For more options try the advanced search" in DemoBundle loses words DemoBundle
EZP-23627 Priority of children lost during subtree copy Legacy > Administration Interface, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23629 Can't create new images after Liip Bundle added post_processor config Platform stack
EZP-23632 Exception when running eZ Publish behind built in reverse proxy Caching, Platform stack
EZP-23645 Fallback for translations not working DemoBundle, Platform stack
EZP-23653 API integration Test fixtures path is too long for windows
EZP-23661 auth.json not working according to the documentation Composer
EZP-23669 Missing doc step on upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4 Documentation
EZP-23673 Can't login if user object has a picture attribute Users and Access control
EZP-23682 [Demo] Getting Started, Shopping and Contact Us not present on the menu DemoBundle

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