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Available on version 5.3.2 and higher

A generic limitation type for use when no implementation has been made of a limitation, and it needs to be configured to avoid LimitationNotFoundException.
It is called blocking as it will always tell permissions system user does not have access on any policy it is assigned to, making permission system move on to next policy.


Identifiern/a (configured for ezjscore limitation FunctionList out of the box)
Value ClasseZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\User\Limitation\BlockingLimitation
Type ClasseZ\Publish\Core\Limitation\BlockingLimitationType
Criterion usedMatchNone
Role Limitationno
Possible values
ValueUI valueDescription

This is a generic limitations which does not validate the values provided to it, make sure to validate the values passed to this limitation in own logic.


As this is a generic limitation you can configure your custom limitations to use it, out of the box FunctionList is using it in the following way: