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Version compatibility

This page is compatible with eZ Publish 5.3 / 2014.03


When using the multisite feature, it is sometimes useful to be able to generate cross-links between the different sites.
This allows to link different resources referenced in a same content repository, but configured independently with different tree roots.

Twig example
See ez_urlalias documentation page
PHP example
Important: As SiteAccess matchers can involve hosts and ports, it is highly recommended to generate cross-siteaccess
links in the absolute form (e.g. using url() Twig helper).
  • The first matcher succeeding always wins, so be careful when using catch-all matchers like URIElement.
  • If passed SiteAccess name is not a valid one, an InvalidArgumentException will be thrown.
  • If matcher used to match provided SiteAccess doesn't implement VersatileMatcher, the link will be generated for the current SiteAccess.
  • When using Compound\LogicalAnd, all inner matchers must match. If at least one matcher doesn't implement VersatileMatcher, it will fail.
  • When using Compound\LogicalOr, the first inner matcher succeeding will win.

To implement this feature, a new VersatileMatcher was added to allow SiteAccess matchers to be able to reverse-match.
All existing matchers implement this new interface, except the Regexp based matchers which have been deprecated.

The SiteAccess router has been added a matchByName() method to reflect this addition. Abstract URLGenerator and DefaultRouter have been updated as well.

Note: SiteAccess router public methods have also been extracted to a new interface, SiteAccessRouterInterface.

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (pr pr)

    Hi, in the PHP code example, since you meant to generate absolute URL's, you need to pass the constant UrlGeneratorInterface::ABSOLUTE_URL to $this->generateUrl instead of UrlGeneratorInterface::ABSOLUTE_PATH.