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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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This page contains FieldTypes reference introduced with eZ Publish 5.x.
FiledTypes were known as DataTypes in eZ Publish 4.x, and are still used in "Dual kernel" eZ Publish 5.x. If you would like more details please refer to the 4.x DataTypes reference documentation page.

For the general FieldType documentation see Field Type API and best practices.

If you are looking for the documentation on how to implement a custom FieldType, see eZ Publish 5 Field Type Tutorial.

A FieldType is the smallest possible entity of storage. It determines how a specific type of information should be validated, stored, retrieved, formatted and so on. eZ Publish comes with a collection of fundamental datatypes that can be used to build powerful and complex content structures. In addition, it is possible to extend the system by creating custom FieldTypes for special needs. Custom FieldTypes have to be programmed in PHP. However, the built in FieldTypes are usually sufficient enough for typical scenarios. The following table gives an overview of the supported FieldTypes that come with eZ Publish.


FieldTypeDescriptionSearchable in Legacy Storage engineSearchable with Solr
AuthorField type used to store a list of authors, consisting of author name, and author email.NoYes
BinaryFileField type used to store a file.YesYes
CheckboxField type which stores boolean values.YesYes
CountryThis field type stores country names as a string.YesYes
DateAndTimeField type used to store a full date including time information.YesYes
DateField type used to store a date information.YesYes
EmailAddressThis field type is used to validate and store an email address.YesYes
FloatField type used to validate and store a decimal value.NoYes
ImageField type used to validate and store an image.NoYes
IntegerField type which validates and stores an integer value.YesYes
ISBNHandles International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in 10-digit or 13-digit format.YesYes
KeywordField type used to store keywords.NoYes
MapLocationField type used to store map coordinates.Yes, with MapLocationDistance criterionYes
MatrixAvailable via community Bundle:  
MediaValidates and stores a media file.NoYes
NullThis field type is used for fallback for missing field types and for testing purposes.N/AN/A
PageField type used to manage display zones and blocks in a page (formerly known as eZ Flow datatype).NoNo
PriceAvailable via community Bundle: Yes
RatingField type which stores a rating.NoNo
RelationField type which validates and stores a relation to a content item.Yes, with both Field and FieldRelation criterionsYes
RelationListField type that validates and stores a list of relations to content items.Yes, with FieldRelation criterionYes
SelectionField type which validates and stores a single selection or multiple choices from a list of options.YesYes
Selection2Available via community Bundle:  
TagsAvailable via community Bundle:  
TextBlockValidates and stores a larger block of text.NoYes
TextLineThis field type validates and stores a single line of text.YesYes
TimeField type used to store a time information.YesYes
UrlField type used to store an URL / address.NoYes
UserField type that validates and stores information about a user.NoNo
XmlTextField type that validates and stores multiple lines of formatted text..YesYes


Known missing field types

The following FieldTypes are configured using Null FieldType to avoid exceptions if they exists in your database, but their functionality is currently not known to be implemented out of the box or by the community:

EZP-20112 - Some Shop FieldTypes are not supported by Public API Backlog

EZP-20115 - eZ Identifier FieldType not supported by Public API Backlog

EZP-20114 - Deprecated FieldTypes (ezenum, ezinisetting, ezpackage) not supported by Public API Closed

EZP-20116 - eZ SubtreeSubscription FieldType not supported by Public API Closed

EZP-20117 - eZ Survey FieldType not supported by Public API Closed

EZP-20118 - eZ Password Expiry FieldType not supported by Public API Backlog





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