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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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Key Summary Status
EZP-22412 [REST API] get url aliases list not retrieving the list Confirmed
EZP-24374 Impossible to load location after a move request with the REST API Closed
EZP-22872 Regression in REST variations generation Closed
EZP-22632 Make the REST request optional in ezpublish_rest.output.value_object_visitor.cached_value Closed
EZP-22552 REST Creating View returns 500 error Closed
EZP-22505 Basic auth does not work when extending REST API with eZ Publish 5.2 Closed
EZP-22437 JSON decode result is not checked in the input parser Closed
EZP-22413 [REST API] get users from user group aren't returned Closed
EZP-22338 Hidden content returned from REST API Closed
EZP-22326 [REST] GET Content request fails when the content has no locations Closed
EZP-22235 IO exception on windows filesystem Closed
EZP-21681 Implement GET /content/types without identifier or remoteId arguments Closed
EZP-21589 Boolean values are serialized as string in JSON responses of the REST API Closed
EZP-21578 Matching siteaccess on http header does not work Closed
EZP-21554 Double slash in some REST API URI Closed
EZP-21032 Rest spec missing info about is_logged_in cookie when explaining session based auth Closed
EZP-20969 REST v2 "Update location" request is not working as intended Closed
EZP-20968 Broken navigation for REST documentation on GitHub Closed
EZP-20937 eZRest v2: Possible to create content with several languages without defining the required fields for each lang Closed
EZP-20930 Missing root resources for url discovery Closed
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