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The complete reference of the REST API resources can be found in the specifications: That file is actually more up-to-date than this documentation, as it is used as a development spec / reference. One problem is that it references the whole API, which isn't actually completely implemented. Some resources are still being worked on, but you should have most of what you need.

A more detailed description of the current implementation status will be added to this documentation soon.

Documentation structure

Resources are grouped by chapters: Content, Content Types and User. In each of those chapters, you will first get an overview, with a table crossing every resource with every applicable HTTP verb, and giving you a summary of the action.

Then throughout the chapter, grouped into sub-chapters, detailed documentation for every resource, with:

  • The resource string
  • The HTTP verb with override, if applicable
  • A description of what this resource does
  • Which headers are supported, and how to use them
  • Which error codes can occur
  • Most of the time, a request + response example