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Internal FieldType conventions and best practices

FieldType->$settingsSchema and FieldType->$allowedValidators are intentionally left free-form, to give broadest freedom to FieldType developers. However, for internal FieldTypes (aka those delivered with eZ Publish), a common standard should be established as best practice. The purpose of this page is to collect and unify this standard.

Settings schema

The general format of the settings schema of a FieldType is a hashmap of setting names, assigned to their type and default value, e.g.:

'myFancySetting' => array(
'type' => 'int',
'default' => 23,
'myOtherFancySetting' => array(
'type' => 'string',
'default' => 'Sindelfingen',

The type should be either a valid PHP type shortcut (TB discussed) or one of the following special types:

  • Hash (a simple hash map)
  • Choice (an enumeration)
  • <<<YOUR TYPE HERE>>>


Validators are internally handled through a special ValidatorService … (TBD: Explain service and how it works)

The following validators are available and carry the defined settings … (TBD: Collect validators and their settings)

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  1. About "choice": I didn't make that one up. I saw it used in several FieldTypes, and thought it made sense.