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This field type represents a ISBN string.

NameInternal nameExpected input type

Table of contents:


This FieldType makes possible to store and retrieve a ISBN string in either a ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 format.

Value object


The Value class of this field type contains the following properties:

$isbnstringThis property will be used for the isbn string.

String representation

A ISBN's string representation is the the $isbn property's value, as a string.


The constructor for this value object will initialize a new Value object with the value provided. It accepts a string as argument and will set it to the isbn attribute.


The input passed into this field type is subject of validation ISBN validation depending on it's field settings on it's FieldDefintion stored on the Content Type. An example of this field setting is show below and will control if input is validated as ISBN-13 or ISBN-10:

    [isISBN13] => true



For more details on the Value object for this field type please refer to the auto-generated documentation (todo: update link when available, see here for the value object and it's doc in the mean time).