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ez_urlalias is a not a real Twig helper, but a special route name for generating URLs for a location, from the given parameters.

Prototype and Arguments

path( eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Location|string name[, array parameters][, bool absolute] )

Argument nameTypeDescription
namestring | \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Location
The name of the route or a Location instance

An hash of parameters:

  • locationId
  • contentId (as of 5.4 / 2014.11) 
absolutebooleanWhether to generate an absolute URL

Working with Location

Linking to other locations is fairly easy and is done with native path() Twig helper (or url() if you want to generate absolute URLs). You just have to pass it the Location object and path() will generate the URLAlias for you.


I don't have the Location object

Generating a link from a Location ID


Generating a link from a Content ID

Link generation from contentId is available as of 5.4 / 2014.11.


Important: Links generated from a Content ID will point to its main location.

Error management

For Location alias setup 301 redirect to Location's current URL when:

  1. alias is history
  2. alias is custom with forward flag true
  3. requested URL is not case-sensitive equal with the one loaded


Under the hood

In the backend, path() uses the Router to generate links.

This makes also easy to generate links from PHP, via the router service.