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This is outdated documentation made for eZ Publish Platform 5.1. It is being moved into the eZ Publish 5.x documentation, so please go there for most up-to-date documentation.

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eZ Publish 5.1 includes a logging mechanism for debugging purposes in development environments, which monitors Stash, introduced in Stash-bundle, and the persistence cache mechanism.

Logging is enabled by default, except for the production environment to avoid excessive memory usage on production environments.


Usage example

StashBundle logging, represented by the stash.logging setting, and persistence cache logging, represented by the setting parameters.ezpublish.spi.persistence.cache.persistenceLogger.enableCallLogging, and are both enabled by default on development environments.
Both settings expect a boolean value (true or false), so, if you desire to turn off the logging mechanism you can use the following configuration in ezpublish_dev.yml:


Be aware that using stash logging and persistence cache logging will require additional memory. This should be used for debugging purposes only.

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