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This is outdated documentation made for eZ Publish Platform 5.2. It is being moved into the eZ Publish 5.x documentation, so please go there for most up-to-date documentation.

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This section includes information about newly introduced legacy settings in eZ Publish 5.

For details on the 4.x legacy settings please refer to the related section on




This legacy setting has been introduced in eZ Publish 5.2.

The Enabled_<Links_index>[] setting has been introduced in 5.2, and allows you to make links from a menu clickable on not clickable, which links are defined in the setting arrays Links[] (for the URL) and in LinkNames[] (for the link text).
Consider <Links_index> to be the same index defined in Links[<Links_index>] and LinkNames[<Links_index>].

This setting expects the specification of an index, which can represents the the current ui_context, or default, for the link to be clickable or not clickable in all ui_contexts (navigation, edit, browse, etc), or in a particular one. The setting expects a true or false value, and the default value is true.

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  1. This doc should have been on to keep it among the other legacy settings for consistency.

  2. In part I agree with that, but in this case this setting has been introduced in 5.2, and it doesn't exist in any of the previous versions. This is why I avoided documenting this legacy setting in 4.x.