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For eZ Platform and eZ Studio, after v1.0 came out in December 2015 we on short term track prioritized enablement issues (bugs and feature requests) for being able to do full scale projects on the new generation, and migrate to it from 5.4. Here you can see them and their progress.

We aim to iterating on these issues over the bi-monthly releases in 2016, starting with 16.02 end of February.

Key Summary T Created Updated P Status Resolution
EZP-25088 Content items not indexed by legacySearchEngine Bug Nov 11, 2015 Oct 27, 2016 Critical Closed Fixed
EZP-25000 Embed element in RichText hidden when viewing and editing content Bug Oct 20, 2015 Jun 21, 2016 Critical Closed Fixed
EZP-25376 Field Group (Category) choice list is empty in Content Type editing UI Bug Jan 12, 2016 Mar 23, 2016 Critical Closed Fixed
EZP-24851 Update the Editing UI based on the server side validation Epic Sep 22, 2015 Oct 19, 2016 High Closed Fixed
EZP-25248 As an editor, I want to be able to empty the trash Story Dec 09, 2015 Apr 20, 2016 High Closed Fixed
EZP-24648 Selection & relation(list) fieldtypes not nameable Improvement Jul 28, 2015 Apr 15, 2016 High Closed Fixed
EZP-25249 Restore items from trash Story Dec 09, 2015 Mar 14, 2016 High Closed Fixed
EZP-25403 Publishing not working on several http server/proxy/scanner solutions Bug Jan 21, 2016 Feb 24, 2016 High Closed Fixed
EZP-25206 Display basic trash in PlatformUI Story Dec 05, 2015 Feb 01, 2016 High Closed Fixed
EZP-25293 Content creation is always initiated in eng-GB Bug Dec 15, 2015 Jun 16, 2016 High Closed Duplicate
EZP-25122 Improve language admin UI with dropdown and permission checks Story Nov 20, 2015 Feb 13, 2018 Medium Closed Obsolete

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