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A Landing Page is composed of blocks which can be freely arranged in the layout.

Blocks (elements) are objects that help organize your pages. You can quickly and easily deploy and customize content blocks on a page. Resize and rearrange all deployed elements in any way you like and present the content in a clear and structured manner. 

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Element menu

Element menu allows you to structure the content on the page and change its appearance. It helps you to customize the look and feel of the page using drag-and-drop. You can easily change text, picture, video and other content objects according to your preferences.



Working with elements

Placing elements

A page can include various types of elements. There are no rules on how the elements should be placed. You decide what types of elements you would like to see and where on the design canvas.

To place an element onto a page:

1. In the Landing Page editor, select Elements.

2. Drag and drop the element you would like to add onto the content area of a page.

3. If needed, reorder existing elements on the page by dragging.

Video icon

 See a video on how to place blocks on a Landing Page




Changing element options

eZ Studio provides many options that allow you to change properties of elements. The ability to modify element options gives you great control over the page.

To change element options:

1. Once an element is placed, select it.

A toolbar with the block type and a set of icons appears.

2. Click the Gear icon configuration icon to access the block's options.

Embed block with toolbarExample of an Embed Block and its toolbar.

3. Fill in the fields in the setup screen and click Submit.

Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory.

RSS block configuration window

Example of a configuration screen for a Landing Page block


Once you configure an element's options (for example select images to be shown in a gallery), you will see a live preview of the element as it will look like once published.


Moving an element

You can easily change the position of an element on the design canvas.

To move an element:

1. Click an element.

The element's control points and borders appear.

2. Move the element by dragging and dropping it.

3. If needed, reorder existing elements on the page by dragging.