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Creating own Content Types let you completely customize the way you deliver content.


Even though you get a ready set of Content Types in the Demo Bundle, to fully tap the potential of eZ you need to create your own Content Types. This allows you to precisely adapt the content architecture to your business needs.

To create a new Content Type you need to choose what Fields of which Field Types it will consist of.

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Creating a new Content Type

To create a new Content Type:

1. In the Navigation hub click Admin panel.

2. Select Content types.

 A list of all Content Type Groups appears.

3. Click the Content Type Group you want to add to. When creating typical Content Types you need to select the "Content" or "Media" group.

List of Content Types in the Content group

A list of all Content Types in the chosen group appears.

4. Click + Create a content type at the bottom of the screen.

An empty form appears where you can configure your new Content Type.

Empty form for creating a new Content Types


Configuring the new Content Type

To configure the basics of a Content Type, you need to provide the following parameters:

NameGeneral name of the Content Type
IdentifierName with which the Content Type is identified in the system
DescriptionShort description of the Content Type
Content name patternRules according to which a name for a Content item is created
URL alias name patternRules according to which a URL alias for a Content item is created
ContainerWhen checked, Content of this Type can serve as a container in the Content tree
Default field for sorting childrenCriterion by which children of this Content will be sorted in the tree
Default sort orderOrder in which the children will be sorted
Default content availabilityWhen checked, Content of this Type will by default be always available, even if it does not have a language version corresponding to the current siteaccess.


Adding Fields

To add a Field to the new Content Type, select a Field Type in the Field Type selection drop-down menu and click Add field definition.

A new Field is added, with its own parameters.

You can determine the order in which Fields will be displayed by setting their Position parameter.

In the same way you can add any number of Fields to a Content Type.

To delete Field(s), check the boxes next to any Field names and click Remove selected field definitions at the bottom of the screen.


When a Content Type is modified, each instance of this type (each Content item based on this Content Type) will be changed as well. If a new Field is added to a Content Type, this field will appear (empty) in every relevant Content item. If a Field is deleted from the Content Type definition, all these Fields will be removed from Content items of this type.


Configuring Fields

See Field Types to learn about Field Type properties and how to configure them.


Deleting Content Types


To delete a Content Type, enter a Content Type Group. Click the Delete button next to the type you want to remove.

The Delete button will be grayed out next to Content Types that have at least one existing instance of Content in the website. In this case you cannot remove the Content Type.