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A Landing Page is a visitor's entry point to your website.


Landing Pages are entry points to your website. This means that a visitor is directed to the Landing Page first (through marketing links or search engine results) and from there can start exploring the website.

That is why eZ Enterprise offers great customizing capabilities to make Landing Pages as engaging and informative as possible.



Creating a new Landing Page

To create a new Landing Page:

1. Go to the Page mode.

2. Click + Create button in the Studio toolbar.

3. Select Landing Page.

Video icon

 See a video on how to create a new Landing Page

Next, a Select a Layout window appears.


Choosing layout

In the Select a Layout window you can scroll through and choose a layout to be used for the page.

The predefined Landing Page layouts are dynamic. Their structure is based on zones and blocks that allow deploying elements easily.

Layout selection windowSelect a Layout window with different layout to choose 

 See a video on how to choose the layout of a Landing Page

Next, a Fill in the Basics window appears.


Entering basic information

In the Fill in the Basics window you need to enter key information about the page.

Page TitleShort title for the Landing Page
URL TitleURL under which the Landing Page will be accessible. This will be filled in automatically based on the Page Title.
Page DescriptionA description of the page (max. 160 characters).

Fill in the Basics windowFill in the Basics window



 See a video on how to fill in the basics of a Landing Page


An empty Landing Page appears with a menu on the right.

The information you have entered and the selected layout will be visible in the Basics tab in the menu. You can change this information if needed.


Deploying elements

Once you have entered the basic information, you can go to the Elements tab and start filling the Landing Page with elements.

To learn how to place elements onto a Landing Page, see Adding blocks to Landing Page.


What next?

Once you have finished working on the Landing Page you need to publish it by clicking Publish in the top right corner of the screen .