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eZ offers you many ways in which you can adapt your installation and your website to your needs. This means both creating and fine-tuning your content model and customizing the layout and visual aspect of your website.

Some more advanced levels of customization require programming knowledge.




The following parts of eZ can be adapted and modified:


Content TypesModify existing Content Types and add new ones.User with access to Admin PanelCreating and managing Content Types
Field TypesAdd new Field Types.User with PHP knowledgeeZ Publish 5 Field Type Tutorial
Landing Page layoutsModify existing layouts and add new ones.User with PHP knowledgeCreating layouts, zones and blocks
Landing Page blocksAdd new blocks for Landing Page.User with PHP knowledgeCreating layouts, zones and blocks
TemplatesCreate new templates for the website.User with Twig knowledgeTemplating

Customize installation by extending the system (for example create new tabs in Platform UI)

User with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript knowledge and basic knowledge of SymfonyExtending PlatformUI


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  1. I think it is also crucial to add here that you can customize by extending the system.

    For instance you can create new tabs in Platform UI. Damien had a tutorial where he started to explain how you can extend the platform.