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At any time you can remove existing content from your website.


You can easily remove existing content using the Content editor.

Removing content does not actually delete it entirely. Instead, removed content is moved to Trash and can be restored later when needed.
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Removing content

To remove existing content:

1. Go to the Content mode.

2. Open the Content tree.

3. Go to the page you would like to delete.

4. Click Send to Trash.

 A dialog box appears, asking you to confirm deleting the content.

5. Click Confirm.

If you remove a Content item that has children (other content under it in the content tree), both this item and the children will be moved to Trash.


Managing Trash

You can view all Content items that have been moved to trash. To do this, click Trash in the Discovery bar.

Trash screenTrash screen

The Trash screen lists the name of the removed Content item, its Content Type and the original Location under which it was placed.

When a Content item's parent is also in the trash, instead of the original Location you can see a message saying that the "Item's ancestors are in Trash."


Restoring content from Trash

16.04 OR LATER

After a Content item has been moved to Trash, you can still restore it to its original Location.

To restore a Content item from Trash:

1. Click Trash in the Discovery bar.

2. Find and check the Content item you want to recover.

3. Click Restore Selected in the Action bar on the right.

The selected Content items will be returned to their original Locations.

Temporarily you cannot restore Content items whose parent have also been removed. This will be changed in upcoming versions.


Cleaning out Trash

Content items placed in Trash can be permanently deleted by clicking Empty the Trash in the Action bar. This will delete all Content items in the Trash.



Content items deleted in either of these ways will be removed permanently. You will not be able to restore them later.