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Field Types define what kind of data can be stored in a Field.


Field is the smallest unit for storing data in the content structure. Each Field can store data of a specific kind, defined by a Field Type.

To read more about the content structure in eZ, see Fundamental concepts.

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Field Type Structure

The characteristics of a Field are determined by its Field Type. In eZ, a Field is made up of the following elements:

  • Name - stores a user-friendly name that describes the Field:
    • The name of a Field can consist of letters, digits, spaces and special characters.
    • The maximum length is 255 characters.
    • If a blank name is provided, eZ automatically generates a unique name for the Field.

Example: The title of the Article

  • Identifier - stores the Name in the system. The internal use requires:
    • no more than 50 characters.
    • no special characters.
    • underscore permitted.

Example: article_title

  • Description - gives details about the Field

Example: A brief description of the Article

  • Generic controls - provides a set of common properties for all Field Types. These controls are the same for each Field, regardless of its Field Type. There are following generic controls available by default in the system:
    • Required
    • Searchable
    • Translatable
    • Field Group

  • Field Type specific controls - provide a unique set of properties for each Field Type structure. Depending of those properties, you will have different configurations and then different behaviors.

Take the “Content relation (multiple)” Field Type: you can decide to have relation only to Content items of a specific Content Type or to Content items of any Content Type.

Basically, all Field Types have different properties.


You have an option of creating your own, custom Field Types, at a developer lever using PHP.


Preset Field Types

Below are listed the preset Field Types existing in every installation, as well as their specific controls.



You can also see all available Field Types by selecting the Almighty Content Type contained in the Platform Demo bundle.

Field TypeDescriptionSpecific controls
Authorsa list of authors, consisting of author name and email-
Checkboxchecked or unchecked box-
Content relation (single)relation with a single Content item
  • Default selection item - the Content item which is selected by default (but can be changed)
Content relation (multiple)relation with multiple Content items
  • Default location - the location which is selected by default (but can be changed)
  • Allowed content types - Content Type(s) which can be linked to
Countrycountry selected from a drop-down list
  • Multiple Choice - allows selection of multiple countries at the same time
  • Select which countries by default - the country which is selected by default
Dateday date
  • Default value - choice between Empty and Current date
Date and timeday date and time
  • Use seconds
  • Default value - choice between Empty, Current datetime or Adjusted current datetime
E-mail addressa single e-mail address-
Filea file of any type, uploaded from the user's system
  • Maximum file size (MB)
Floata floating-point number
  • Minimum value
  • Maximum value
ISBNan International Standard Book Number
  • ISBN-13 format - the ISBN provided in a 13-digit instead of 10-digit format
Imagean image uploaded from the user's system
  • Maximum file size (byte)
Integeran integer number
  • Minimum value
  • Maximum value
Keywordsa keyword or list of comma-separated keywords-
Layouta special Field Type for determining the layout of a Landing Page
  • Default layout
Map locationlocation on a map, represented as a set of coordinates-
Mediaa media file, uploaded from the user's system
  • Maximum file size (MB)
  • Media type - type of file which can be uploaded
Ratingrating for a page-
Rich texta block of rich text
  • Number of text rows in the editor
Selectionselection from a list of multiple choices
  • Multiple choice
  • Options
Text blockblock of unformatted text
  • Number of text rows
Text lineline of unformatted text (a simple string)
  • Minimum length
  • Maximum length
  • Default value
Timehour and minute (and possibly second) time
  • Use seconds
  • Default value - choice between Empty and Current time
URLlink consisting of a url and link text-
User accountreference to a user account-