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Main eZ interface consists of the Navigation hub and options of one of three work modes.
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Navigation hub

Once you log in to eZ, you are shown a welcome screen introducing you to the features of the application.

At the top of the screen you can see the Navigation hub:

Navigation hub


The bar is always visible when you are working with eZ and allows you to perform the following actions:

 Click the logo to return to the welcome page.
 Go to the Content mode interface.
 Go to the Page mode interface.
 Go to the Performance mode.
 Go to the  Admin panel.
 Log out as the current user and return to the login screen.


Work modes

eZ offers three different work modes: Content mode, Page mode and Performance mode.

Each of these modes fulfills different needs of the users:

  • Content mode gives access to the content repository. It is mostly the role of eZ Platform, but for users of eZ Studio it is enriched with specific Studio functionalities.
  • Page mode allows you to manage website pages and website content from the pages themselves. It is only available for eZ Studio users. It can be enriched by eZ Cloud services functionalities for users subscribed to them.
  • Performance mode gives access to optimization capabilities such as Analytics and cloud services management tools.


Features of work modes

Content mode

The focus of Content mode is creating, modifying, organizing and publishing Content items. Content mode is an interface for the repository, that is the place in which eZ stores all the content.

This mode lets you navigate the Content tree and edit any content present in it, as well as to move, copy and delete it. You can also create new content using the previously defined Content Types.

You can preview any Content within the tree, but the Content mode does not allow you to edit a Content item directly from this preview.


Page mode

The Page mode allows front-end editing, which helps you to edit your landing pages while previewing them. This basically means managing the content in the context of the website.

This mode also gives access to a very specific eZ Studio functionality of creating Landing Pages and managing the flow of content going through them.