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Preview a page on different screen sizes and devices.


You can see and refine the content prior to publishing it. By using responsive design, you can easily optimize the displayed content to make it look great, regardless of the device it is viewed on.

At any time you can preview your pages on various types of devices with a variety of screen sizes. The content display is optimized for both landscape and portrait orientation.






Previewing content on different devices

To preview content in Content mode:

1. Go to the Content mode and click Content structure.

2. Click Content tree and navigate to the page you would like to view.

3. Click Edit in the Action bar.

4. Under Preview choose the type of device you would like to preview the content on.

Content preview icons


By default, three types of supported devices with their default resolutions are available:

  • Desktop (1280x1024px)
  • Tablet (1024x768px)
  • Mobile phone (480x800px)

Example of a page preview on a mobile device

Page preview on a mobile device