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The Page mode allows front-end editing, that is modifying pages directly from their preview.


Page mode is one of the work modes available in eZ. It comes with the eZ Studio component.

Page mode screenshot

Example of a page viewed in Page mode

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Elements of Page mode interface

Navigation hub

The Navigation hub is common for the whole eZ interface. It allows you to jump to other editing modes and to access administrator options.

The lower row of the Navigation hub lists available siteaccesses and allows you to switch between them.

Page mode screenshot with focus on navigation bar

Navigation hub in Page mode

Studio toolbar

The Studio toolbar is located below the Navigation hub and contains basic controls for the Page mode.

The toolbar offers useful options and information to help you manage content within eZ Studio. It provides quick access to the main View and Edit modes and most frequent actions associated with editing work.
The Studio toolbar has slightly different options, depending on whether you are in View or Edit mode.


Studio toolbar in view mode

Mode switcher. You can switch between View and Edit mode.

Information Panel. Displays information about your current status:

  • name of the active mode (Viewing or Editing)
  • the current URL of the website being previewed
  • author and date of the last modification

16.04 OR LATER

Version button. Opens a window with a list of all the versions of the current Content item.

16.04 OR LATER

Options. Opens a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Copy URL. Copies the current URL. You can then paste it into a web browser.
  • Send to Trash. Removes the current Content item and places it in Trash.
Preview. Use it to optimize the displayed content on devices with various screen sizes.

Depending on the mode you are in this will be:

Create. Use it to create a new Content item - either Landing Page or regular content. 


Publish. Use it to publish the Content item you are editing. Click the down arrow to access:

16.04 OR LATER

  • Save draft. Save introduced changes as a Draft.
  • Delete draft. Delete the Draft you are editing.
  • Discard. Cancel changes introduced and return to View mode.



When viewing a Landing Page, the space below the Studio toolbar will contain a Timeline toolbar. It helps in visualizing the changes made to a Landing Page in a given period of time:

Timeline toolbar

Timeline toolbar


Page preview

The main part of the window is taken up by the Page preview.

View mode

In View mode this part of the window displays the current page as it looks to the visitor.

Edit mode

In Edit mode you can also preview the page. It is additionally visibly divided into zones, allowing you to clearly see the layout of the page and modify all of its elements.

Page mode screenshot with focus on page preview

Page preview



The sidebar on the right is only present in Edit mode. It contains options for editing the current page and adding blocks to it.

Page mode screenshot with focus on sidebar

Sidebar with block options