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Schedule Block allows you to make Content automatically appear on the page at a specified time.


Schedule Block is an element of a Landing Page which allows you to select Content items and plan (schedule) the times at which they will be displayed on the page.

The Schedule Block can be used in conjunction with the Timeline toolbar to plan the exact times at which each Content item is supposed to appear.

When new Content appears at the scheduled time, the Content displayed previously is moved down to make place for it. It is also possible to define the rules for overflow: when a Content item is moved down so far that it falls outside the Schedule Block, it can be moved to a different, predefined Overflow block.


Schedule Block icon


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Available Schedule Block settings

Option             Description
NameEnter the Schedule Block name.
2 TemplateSelect a template from the drop-down list.
3 Overflow

Toggle overflow of Content which is moved off the Schedule Block. If you select On, point to the overflow (target) block in the drop-down list.

You can only select another Schedule Block as the Overflow block.


Schedule Block configuration window

Schedule Block configuration window



You can add and customize Schedule Block templates other than the default ones.


Adding content to Schedule Block

Selecting content to display

To be able to schedule content you must first select a template for the block.

To add Content to Schedule Block:

1. Select the Schedule Block and click Plus icon from its toolbar.

The Universal Discovery Widget opens, allowing you to browse to the Content you want to include.

2. Navigate to the Content item you want to include and click Confirm selection.

The selected Content item appears at the front of the Schedule Block.

If adding new Content to the Schedule would move earlier Content off the block, a message box appears with a warning. Click Confirm to add the new Content item and remove the older one. If overflow is enabled, the Content removed will be placed in an Overflow block.


Planning content airtime

To select airtime for Content:

1. Select a piece of Content in the Schedule Block and click Time icon in its toolbar.

A Content Airtime Settings window opens, allowing you to define the time at which the Content item is to appear on the page.

2. Click the Date field. Select a date from a calendar widget.

3. Type in the hour and minute at which the content is to air. You can also select the time using sliders.

4. Apply changes by clicking Submit.


Content Airtime Settings window

In this window you can set the time at which each Content item will air.

Video icon

 See a video on how to configure a Schedule block


Deleting scheduled content

To delete a Schedule Block:

1. Select the Schedule Block.

2. Click Trash icon in its toolbar.

To delete a Content item in a Schedule Block:

1. Select a piece of Content in the Schedule Block.

2. Click Delete icon in its toolbar.

An Empty Slot message replaces the deleted Content item.

If you delete a Content item in a Schedule Block before the block has been published, it will be removed completely (it will not remain in the history). If you delete a Content item after the block has been published, it will be removed from the Schedule Block, but will be available in history by dragging the Timeline slider.

If you remove a Content item from a Schedule Block with overflow enabled, all other Content items, including those which have been pushed to a different block, will move backwards.

What next?

Once you have planned Content to appear in the Schedule Block, you can use the timeline to see what the page will look like at a given time.