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The eZ solution is comprised of three components: Platform, Studio and Cloud Services.


eZ Platform

eZ Platform is the foundation for all eZ solutions. It is the technical platform for developers (including a Web framework, APIs and a content repository) and it also provides a user interface to access the content repository and administer the platform.

eZ Platform does not offer advanced editorial capabilities such as in-page editing, visual management of landing pages, editorial workflow, advanced marketing capabilities, etc.

eZ Platform in open-source software.


eZ Studio

eZ Studio bases on eZ Platform and takes advantage of all of its capabilities. It offers additional features on top of the content repository that allow you to better manage a website built with the platform.

Those features comprise of page preview and in-page editing, management of rich and complex landing pages including automating the content, editorial workflow and other functionalities specific to online marketers and web editors.

As eZ Studio is based on eZ Platform, all functionalities of eZ Platform are also available to eZ Studio users.

eZ Cloud Services - upcoming feature

eZ Cloud Services is an additional layer available for eZ Studio and eZ Platform.

As its name suggests, it entirely relies on cloud-based services. It only requires the use of additional software connectors that will interconnect with the cloud.

Cloud Services provides functionalities such as real time content-driven analytics, personalization of content delivery to users based on their unique profile, recommendation of content, as well as automation of marketing interactions and campaigns.



What next?

Learn the fundamental concepts that form the basis for eZ content management principles.