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Timeline allows you to view what your page will look like at a given time.


Timeline is a toolbar which helps in visualizing the changes made to a Landing Page in a given period of time. The timeline is used for previewing and planning changes that will happen to Schedule Blocks on the page in the future.

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Timeline overview

The timeline takes the form of a bar representing the whole 24 hours of the selected day, from 00:00 AM to 12:59 PM (or to 23:59, in case of a 24-hour clock). Times when changes happened or will happen are marked with colored stripes (indicators) – green for past and purple for future changes.


The time you are currently viewing is displayed on a slider on the timeline. You can move along the timeline by dragging this slider.

When you drag the slider to a future date and time, the Schedule blocks on the page will change to show the Content items which will be aired at the selected moment.


Navigating the Timeline

To move to a selected time:

To move to a selected time, drag the slider along the timeline.

To view the timeline for any other day, select this day from the drop-down menu on the left.

Click NOW to jump to the current time of the day.


Displaying a list of Content aired


If you click a change indicator, a list appears with all new Content items that will be aired at this time.

One indicator corresponds to one hour. If more than one Content item starts airing during one hour, you can view them all in this list.

Timeline with a list of Content items airing at a given time


Displaying a full list of Content items


To jump to a selected change:

1. Click View List on the right of the timeline.

 A list appears with all Content items which are aired in the selected block, over all periods.

Full list of Content airing

2. Hover over the change you want to see and click GO.

The timeline jumps to the point where the selected change happens and displays the state of the page from this time.

Video icon

 See a video on how to navigate the timeline