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⚠ WARNING ! This documentation is deprecated !

Please go to the current Editor Documentation

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The eZ user manual documentation will guide you through using eZ Platform and eZ Studio, from creating and editing your first pages to administrating the content model.


This manual is aimed at editors and content managers. If you are looking for more in-depth documentation for developers, have a look at the eZ Technical Manual.



Discover eZ Platform and eZ Studio by having a look at its underlying ideas:


Release notes for the latest versions

eZ Platform 2016.04  |  eZ Studio 2016.04


Get started

Start working with the interface and creating your first content:





Delve in

Go into more detail by checking out:

Not found what you were looking for? Search the User Manual:





Look Further

Discover eZ Community

Discover the eZ Community and the Symfony Community to make connection with some of the most welcoming and brightest minds around, by becoming active part of the community you make an investment in your own knowledge and network.

Find help and Support

Problems or stuck? We are here to help! With eZ available directly and indirectly via Partners all over the globe, consulting and support has never been easier.

Get Certified

With a whole range of trainings available you can get quickly started from any level, and get certified on eZ Products.


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