Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



Sets the footer.


pdf(footer, hash( [ text,       text,                                     ]
                  [ align,      text_alignment,                           ]
                  [ font,       font_name,                                ]
                  [ size,       font_size,                                ]
                  [ page,       page_interval,                            ]
                  [ pageOffset, page_offset,                              ]
                  [ margin,     hash( [ bottom, bottom_margin, ]
                                      [ left,   left_margin,   ]
                                      [ right,  right_margin,  ] ),       ]
                  [ line,       hash( [ leftMargin,  left_margin,    ]
                                      [ rightMargin, right_margin,   ]
                                      [ thickness,   line_thickness, ] ), ]
                  [ newline, boolean                                      ] ) )


text string Text used in the footer. No.
align string Alignment of the text. No.
page string Page occurence is all, even or odd. No.
pageOffset integer Page number where the footer starts. No.
size integer Size of the font. No.
font string Type of the font. No.
margin hash The definition of the margins. No.
left integer/float Left footer margin. No.
right integer/float Right footer margin. No.
bottom integer/float Bottom footer margin. No.
line hash The definition of a line. No.
leftMargin integer/float Left line margin. No.
rightMargin integer/float Right line margin. No.
thickness integer/float The thickness of the line. No.
newline boolean Adds a new line to the footer. Force footer entry to new line No.


This function makes it possible to create a footer for a collection of pages. Please note that it does not work correctly. The page number from where the footer starts can be specified using the "pageOffset" parameter. The "page" parameters can be used to specify whether the footer should occur on "all", "even" or "odd" pages.

If the "text" parameter is used, the parameters "align", "type", and "size" can be used to change the default alignment, font type and size. Please refer to the "text" function for more information about these parameters.

There are two keywords reserved in the text string (parameter):

  • #page: will be replaced by the current page number.
  • #total: will be replaces by the total number of pages.

The footer should only be included once in the PDF document.

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