Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



Draws a line.


pdf( line, hash( x1,        x_start,
                 y1,        y_start,
                 x2,        x_stop,
                 y2,        y_stop,
               [ page,      occurence,     ]
               [ thickness, line_thickness ] ) )


x1 float Start coordinate of the X-ax. Yes.
y1 float Start coordinate of the Y-ax. Yes.
x2 float Stop coordinate of the X-ax. Yes.
y2 float Stop coordinate of the Y-ax. Yes.
pages string The pages on which the line should appear. No.
thickness float The thickness of the line. No.


This function draws a line. The line will be drawn from the (x1, y1) coordinate to the (x2, y2) coordinate. If the "pages" parameter is omitted or set to "current", the line will only be present on the current page. If "pages" is set to all, it will appear on all the pages. The thickness of the line can be set with the "thickness" parameter; the default thickness is 1.

When the line must be visible on all the pages, the line definition must be set after the content is written to the PDF-document (at the end of the template) and the line should be defined only once. A common technique is to use the "include" operator.


Example 1

{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 100, 'y1', 100, 'x2', 100, 'y2', 300 ) )}

This example draws a vertical line, from (100, 100) to (100, 300) on the current page.

Example 2

{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 20, 'y1', 30, 'x2', 20, 'y2', 40, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 20, 'y1', 40, 'x2', 30, 'y2', 40, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 30, 'y1', 40, 'x2', 30, 'y2', 35, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 25, 'y1', 35, 'x2', 33, 'y2', 35, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 33, 'y1', 35, 'x2', 33, 'y2', 27, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 25, 'y1', 35, 'x2', 25, 'y2', 27, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 25, 'y1', 27, 'x2', 33, 'y2', 27, pages, 'all' ) )}
{pdf( 'line', hash( 'x1', 20, 'y1', 30, 'x2', 25, 'y2', 30, pages, 'all' ) )}

This example draws the eZ logo in the lower left corner of every page.

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