Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



Inserts a text with a frame.


pdf( text_frame, text, hash( [ frameRGB,      rgb_frame_color,     ]
                             [ frameCMYK,     cmyk_frame_color,    ]
                             [ textRGB,       rgb_text_color,      ]
                             [ textCMYK,      cmyk_text_color,     ]
                             [ fontSize,      font_size,           ]
                             [ fontName,      font_name,           ]
                             [ padding,       text_padding,        ]
                             [ leftPadding,   left_text_padding,   ]
                             [ rightPadding,  right_text_padding,  ]
                             [ topPadding,    top_text_padding,    ]
                             [ bottomPadding, bottom_text_padding, ]
                             [ roundEnds,     round_ends           ] ) )


frameRGB array Frame RGB color. No.
frameCMYK array Frame CMYK color. No.
textRGB array Text RGB color. No.
textCMYK array Text CMYK color. No.
fontSize integer Font size. No.
fontName string Font name. No.
padding integer Padding around the text. No.
leftPadding integer Padding left of the text. No.
rightPadding integer Padding right of the text. No.
topPadding integer Padding above the text. No.
bottomPadding integer Padding below the text. No.
roundEnds boolean Squared or rounded frame edges. No.
text string The text that should be displayed inside the frame. Yes.


This function creates a text with a colored frame around it. The frame has the size of the text plus the amount of padding. The padding can be specified for each side of the text with the parameters "leftPadding", "rightPadding", "topPadding", and "bottomPadding". If the padding is equal for each side, the "padding" parameter can be used instead.

The "leftPadding" and "rightPadding" parameters may be set to "-1", which will result in padding that reaches the page margin.

By default the frame has squared corners. If the "roundEnds" parameter is set to TRUE, the frame will have rounded corners.

The colors of the frame and the text can be specified using the "frameRGB", "frameCMYK", "textRGB", and "textCMYK" parameters. The RGB parameters must be arrays consisting of three integers between 0 and 255. The CMYK parameters must be arrays consisting of four decimal values between 0.0 and 1.0.

The font can be changed using the "fontSize" and "fontName" parameters.


Example 1

{pdf(text_frame, "Test frame", hash( roundEnds, true(),
     textCMYK, array(0.89, 0.43, 0.01, 0),
     frameRGB, array(255,255,128),
     padding, 8,
     fontSize, 14))}

This example creates a frame (with round edges) around the sentence "Test frame".

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