Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



KeepGroupAssignment Sets if LDAP users will automatically moving back to the group they are configured to be placed in at login.
LDAPBaseDn Sets the Base DN for the directory
LDAPBindPassword Sets the password for LDAP server.
LDAPBindUser Sets the user name for LDAP server.
LDAPCreateMissingGroups Sets whether or not groups that are not found in eZ Publish should be created.
LDAPDebugTrace This setting enables tracing the LDAP login.
LDAPEmailAttribute Sets the LDAP attribute for email.
LDAPEmailEmptyAttributeSuffix Sets suffix to be used to create email address.
LDAPEnabled Sets the use of the LDAP server.
LDAPEqualSign Sets replacement for equal sign.
LDAPFirstNameAttribute Sets the LDAP attribute for the first name.
LDAPFirstNameIsCommonName Permits the extraction on the First Name from the common name.
LDAPFollowReferrals Sets if the LDAP library will automatically follow referrals returned by LDAP servers.
LDAPGroupBaseDn Sets the Base LDAP DN.
LDAPGroupClass Sets the class of LDAP group objects.
LDAPGroupDescriptionAttribute Sets the attribute of the LDAP group that contains the description of the group.
LDAPGroupMappingType Sets the LDAP group mapping type.
LDAPGroupMemberAttribute Sets the attribute of the LDAP group that contains the names of the users that are members.
LDAPGroupNameAttribute Sets the attribute of the LDAP group that contains the name of the group.
LDAPGroupRootNodeId This sets the group mapping settings.
LDAPLastNameAttribute Sets the LDAP attribute for the last name.
LDAPLoginAttribute Sets the LDAP attribute for login.
LDAPPort Sets the portnumber for LDAP
LDAPSearchFilters Sets extra search filters.
LDAPSearchScope Sets the type of search performed by the LDAP handler.
LDAPServer Sets the LDAPhost
LDAPUserGroup Sets the default location to store LDAP users.
LDAPUserGroupAttribute Sets the LDAP attribute for user group.
LDAPUserGroupAttributeType: Sets the LDAP attribute type for user groups.
LDAPUserGroupMap Maps group names from the LDAP group to eZ Publish usergroups.
LDAPUserGroupType Sets the LDAP user group type.
LDAPVersion Set LDAP version number.
Utf8Encoding Sets the use of LDAP encoding.

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