Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



ObjectRelationTyped Controls how relations of the "XML linked" type are handled.


CacheDir Sets the directory where eZ publish stores view cache files.
CachedViewModes Sets which of the content view modes that use view cache.
CachedViewPreferences Sets the user preferences each view mode depends on.
CacheGenerationTimeout sets the maximum cache generation time in seconds
CacheThreshold Sets the treshold for content cache cleanup
ComplexDisplayViewModes Sets content views that have their content cache expired whenever an object is published.
EditDirtyObjectAction Sets what eZ Publish should do if the user tries to edit a page that has a draft that is newer than the published version.
PreCacheSiteaccessArray Sets the siteaccesses that will have view cache created when an object is published.
PreViewCache Sets if eZ publish should generate the view cache when an object is published.
PreviewCacheUsers Sets the users that should have view cache generated when an object is published.
StaticCache Sets if static caching should be enabled or not.
ViewCacheTweaks It enables the granular configuration of viewcaching behaviour per node
ViewCaching Sets if view caching should be enabled or not.


Charset Sets the character set that eZ publish uses when communicating with the database.
ConnectRetries Sets the number of database connection retries.
Database Sets the database to use when connecting to the database server.
DatabaseImplementation Sets the type of database you are using.
DatabasePluginPath Sets the path to an external database driver.
DebugTransactions Allows the system to store transactions, for debugging purposes.
ImplementationAlias Sets alias names for database implementations
Password Sets the password that eZ publish uses when logging in to the database.
Server Sets the hostname or the IP address of the database server.
SlaverServerDatabase The databases to use when logging in to the slaveservers.
SlaverServerPassword The passwords to use when logging in to the slaveservers.
SlaverServerUser The usernames to use when logging in to the slaveservers.
SlaveServerArray The hostnames of the slaveservers to use for read queries.
SlowQueriesOutput Show queries that where slower than a set amount of time.
Socket Sets the socket eZ publish should use when connecting to the database.
SQLOutput Enables the output of SQL queries in the debug output.
Transactions Enables to make eZ publish use transactions to ensure database integrity.
UseBuiltInEncoding Use the built in character conversion in the database if available.
UsePersistentConnection Controls if database connections should be kept open between eZ publish runs.
User Sets the username that eZ publish uses when logging in to the database.
UseSlaveServer Enables the usage of slave database servers for read queries. (MySQL only)


Debug Sets if you want to display debug information in the rendered page or in a separate popup.
DebugByIP Enables debug output for some IP addresses only. Useful when debugging live sites.
DebugByUser Sets whether debug output visibility should be controlled per user.
DebugIPList Sets the hosts that receive debug output.
DebugLogOnly Choose if you want debug strings in the debugoutput or in the log only.
DebugOutput Main switch for debug output
DebugRedirection Enables debugging of internal and external module redirections.
DebugUserIDList Sets user IDs that will receive debug output.
DisplayDebugWarnings Choose if debug warnings should be displayed explicitely on the top of the page or in the debug log only.
ScriptDebugOutput Enables debug output for PHP scripts run from the command line.


AdditionalSiteDesignList Sets the additional site designs.
SiteDesign Sets the most significant design resource.
StandardDesign Sets the least significant (fallback) design resource.


ActiveAccessExtensions Sets the extensions that are available to eZ publish per siteaccess.
ActiveExtensions Sets the extensions that are available to eZ publish.
ExtensionDirectory Sets the directory where extensions are located.


AllowAnonymousRating Allows anonymous users to rate content
AllowChangeRating Allows users to change ratings
UseUserSession Enables the use of sessions for rating validation


CacheDir Sets the directory where eZ publish stores cache files.
DirDepth Sets the number of extra directories that will be made when storing a file.
LogDir Sets the directory where eZ publish will store its logfiles.
StorageDir Sets the directory eZ publish uses to store files.
StorageDirPermissions Sets the permissions set on directories created in the storage directory.
StorageFilePermission Sets the permissions set on files created in the storage directory.
TemporaryDir Sets the directory eZ publish uses to store temporary files.
TemporaryPermissions Sets the permissions on temporary files created by eZ publish
VarDir Sets the main directory for file storage in eZ Publish.


Module Sets if the form module should be enabled or not.


ClientIpByCustomHTTPHeader To specify http header containing ip address when behind trusted proxy
CustomHeader Setting to enable/disable custom HeaderList globally
HeaderList Contains all HTTP which should override standard ones.
OnlyForAnonymous Setting to set custom HeaderList for anonymous users only
OnlyForContent Setting to set custom HeaderList matching root url to only match content url's


EmailReceiver Sets the receiver of e-mail generated by the information collection system.


AdminEmail Sets the mail address of the site administrator.
AllowedCharsets Sets the character sets that eZ Publish sends directly in mail.
ContentType Sets the content type for email sent from eZ Publish.
EmailSender Sets the default sender address for mail sent from eZ Publish.
HeaderLineEnding Sets the line ending character used in emails sent from eZ Publish.
OutputCharset Sets the character set to convert mail into if they are formatted with the wrong character set.
SendmailOptions Sets the additional sendmail options.
Transport Controls how eZ Publish delivers outgoing mail.
TransportConnectionType Sets the connection type in SMTP.
TransportPassword Sets the password to use for authentication with the SMTP server.
TransportPort Sets the port that should be used when connecting to the SMTP server.
TransportServer Sets the hostname of the SMTP server.
TransportUser Sets the user to use for authentication with the SMTP server.


Cache Sets if the template override cache should be enabled.


Portnumber to siteaccess mapping Creates a mapping between a portnumber and a siteaccess.


Password The password for outgoing web traffic through a proxy server.
ProxyServer Sets the proxy server for outgoing web traffic.
User The username for outgoing web traffic through a proxy server.


ContentObjectLocale Sets the default language for content objects.
ContentXMLCharset Sets the characterset used when storing XML in content objects.
Debug Sets if debug mode should be enabled or disabled.
DevelopmentMode Sets if development mode should be on or off.
HTTPLocale Sets the locale transmitted to the web clients.
Locale Sets the locale (currency, date and time settings etc.)
ShowUntranslatedObjects Sets whether all languages are shown or not.
SiteLanguageList The prioritized list of site languages.
SystemLocale Tells PHP to be run in a specific locale.
TextTranslation Sets if text translation is enabled for template translation.
TranslationCache Sets if the translation cache should be enabled or disabled.
TranslationExtensions Sets the extensions that hold translations
TranslationRepository Sets the default translation repository for eZ publish.


EnableCaching Controls whether role caching should be enabled or disabled.
MaxParentDepthLimitation Not documented yet.
PolicyOmitList Excludes modules and views from the permission checking.
ShowAccessDeniedReason Sets if eZ Publish elaborates on the reason for getting access denied when viewing a page.
UserPolicyCache Sets which users' policies to cache.


AvailableVersionList Sets the available RSS versions
CacheTime Sets the cachetime for RSS feeds in seconds.
DefaultVersion Sets the default RSS version to use.
NumberOfObjectsDefault Sets the default value for the number of items in an RSS export.
NumberOfObjectsList Sets the number of items in an RSS export that the user can choose between in the administration interface.


AllowEmptySearch Sets if users can search for nothing
DelayedIndexing Sets if new content objects are indexed in the search engine upon publishing or if indexing is done by the cronjob
DelayedIndexingClassList Sets the class identifiers that should be used to delay indexing with.
EnableWildcard Sets if wildcard searching is allowed or not
ExtensionDirectories Tells the system where to look for search engine plugins.
LogSearchStats Sets if search statistics should be saved or not.
MaximumSearchLimit Sets the maximum number of returned hits.
MinCharacterWildcard The minimum number of characters a wildcard can represent
SearchEngine Sets which search engine to use.
SearchViewHandling Sets if searches are handled by the search view or in the template.
StopWordThresholdPercent Sets the percentage of hits that a word should be present in before ignoring the word completely
StopWordThresholdValue Sets the minimum number of objects in the database before the stopword functionality is used.


ActivityTimeout This setting will define the number of seconds before a user is considered inactive.
BasketCleanup Sets how the shopping baskets for expired and removed sessions are cleaned up.
BasketCleanupAverageFrequency Sets how often the basket cleanup cronjob will actually work when being executed.
CookieDomain This setting sets the domain for which the cookie is valid.
CookieHttponly This setting sets whether or not scripts are allowed to access cookies.
CookiePath This setting will set the path to the domain for which the cookie is valid.
CookieSecure This setting sets whether or not cookies are allowed to be sent over an unsecure connection.
CookieTimeout The CookieTimeout setting sets the lifetime of the session cookie.
ForceStart This setting will allow sessions to always start.
Handler Sets the handler responsible for handling sessions.
SessionNameHandler Sets how session names should be generated
SessionNamePerSiteAccess Prepends session names with the current siteaccess.
SessionNamePrefix Sets the prefix eZ publish should use when creating session names.
SessionTimeout This setting will define the number of seconds a session will last.


CriticalTests Sets the tests that must be passed in order to complete the setup procedure.
OptionalTests Sets the tests optional tests run during the setup procedure.
OverrideSiteDesign Sets the sitedesign that should be used by the setup wizard.
PageLayout Sets which pagelayout template to use for the setup wizard.


ClearBasketOnCheckout Sets when the basket is cleared.
ClearBasketOnLogout Sets whether the basket should be cleared after logging out.
RedirectAfterAddToBasket Controls where the user is redirected after adding an item to the basket.


Rules Sets which modules and views to enable or disable.


AnonymousAccessList Specifies a lists of modules and views that are accessible regardless of the RequireUserLogin setting.
AvailableSiteAccessList Sets the siteaccesses that your eZ Publish installation provides.
CheckValidity Sets if the setup wizard should be activated or not.
DebugAccess Turns on debug output for access matching.
DebugExtraAccess Enables verbose access matching debug information.
DetectMobileDevice Enable mobile device detection
ForceVirtualHost Sets if eZ Publish should force virtual host mode.
HostMatchElement Sets which element (separated by a dot) to use when using element host matching.
HostMatchMapItems Sets the mapping between hostname and siteaccess when using map host-matching.
HostMatchRegexp Sets the regular expression that is used to fetch the siteaccess from the hostname with regexp hostmatching.
HostMatchRegexpItem Sets which submatch to use to determine the siteaccess name with regexp hostmatching.
HostMatchSubtextPost Sets the postfix that occurs in the hostname behind the siteaccess when using text host matching.
HostMatchSubtextPre Sets the prefix that occurs in the hostname in front of the siteaccess when using text host matching.
HostMatchType Sets which type of host matching to use to select the siteaccess.
MatchOrder Sets the matching algorithms that will be tried to determine which siteaccess to use.
MobileDeviceFilterClass The class in charge of filtering mobile devices
MobileSiteAccessList List of mobile site access
MobileSiteAccessURL The URL of the mobile version of your site
NormalizeSANames Toggling automatic conversion of siteaccess names
PathPrefix Sets the hidden prefix that will be added to virtual URLs entered by users.
PathPrefixExclude Sets which virtual URLs not to add the hidden prefix to.
RedirectOnNormalize Enable redirection to the normalized siteaccess
RelatedSiteAccessList List of siteaccesses that use the same database.
RequireUserLogin Sets if you allow anonymous access to your site.
ServerVariableName Not documented yet.
ShowHiddenNodes Sets if hidden nodes should be shown by default or not.
URIMatchElement Specifies which element (separated by "/") of the URI that contains the siteaccess.
URIMatchRegexp Sets the regular expression that is used to extract the siteaccess from the URI.
URIMatchRegexpItem Sets the submatch that is used for siteaccess matching when using regexp URIMatching.
URIMatchType Configures the URI match access method


64bitCompatibilityMode Enables 64bit compatibility mode
AllowedRedirectHosts Array of allowed hosts for redirects with full URL from eZ Publish modules
DefaultAccess Sets the default site access when the URI access method is used.
IndexPage Sets the page to display when the root "/" of your site is accessed.
LoginPage Sets if eZ Publish should use a custom pagelayout for the log in page.
MetaDataArray Sets the site metadata that is used on several places on your site.
RootNodeDepth Define the depth where your siteaccess root is located.
SiteList Sets the siteaccesses available to outside sources (currently used for webdav only)
SiteName The name of your site.
SiteURL Sets the URL of your site. Used e.g when generating links for notifactions and emails.
SSLPort The port that that should be used for SSL requests.
SSLProxyServerName Sets which virtual host that functions as a proxy server for incoming SSL requests.


ModuleViewAccessMode View access mode to use for each module.
SSLSubtrees Content subtrees to use SSL on.
SSLZones Enable/disable the SSL zones functionality.


AutoloadPathList Sets the directories inside eZ publish itself where eZ publish will look for operator and function definitions.
Debug Turns on/off template debug output.
DelayedCacheBlockCleanup Enables delayed removal of expired cache blocks with the "subtree_expiry" parameter.
DevelopmentMode Not documented yet.
ExtensionAutoloadPath Sets the extensions that contain template function or operator definitions.
NodeTreeCaching Sets if the template interpreter should cache parsed template files.
ShowMethodDebug Sets if debug information about called functions and operators should be displayed.
ShowUsedTemplates Enables a table in the debug displaying all the templates used to render the current page.
ShowXHTMLCode Sets if eZ publish should display template load debug inline or not.
TemplateCache Main switch for all the template related caches.
TemplateCompile Sets if the template compiler should be used or not.
TemplateCompression Sets if compiled templates should be compressed or not.
TemplateOptimization Sets if the template compiler should try to optimize the produced PHP code.
UseFormatting Sets if the template compiler should keep whitespace in the compiled template.


TimeZone Sets the timezone to use in eZ Publish.


FromEmail Sets the from address used when sending tip a friend e-mail.
MaxRequestsPerTimeframe Set the maximum number of tip a friend mail the system will send to one email address.
TimeFrame Sets the time frame for the tip a friend functionality.


BinaryUnits Sets which units eZ publish considers binary units.
UseSIUnits Sets if eZ publish should use OSI or SI prefixes for binary numbers


Filters Sets the active filters that will be used to filter the text in the URLs.
MaximumWildcardIterations Sets how many times the wildcard matches can iterate
TransformationGroup Sets the type of transformation for the URLs.
Translation Enables/disables the URL translation functionality
WildcardTranslation Enables subtree URL translation
WordSeparator Sets which word separator that should be used in the URLs.


AnonymousUserID Sets the eZ Publish user that should be used for anonymous page requests.
AuthenticateMatch Sets the fields that are accepted for login authentication.
DefaultSectionID Sets the section ID of self registered users.
DefaultUserNameValidationErrorText Settings regarding custom validation of user names
DefaultUserPlacement Sets the parent object of all users who register themselves
EmailRegistrationInfo Set whether a confirmation email is sent to the user after he validated his account or not. (>= eZ Publish 5.3)
ExtensionDirectory Sets the extensions that contain login handlers
GeneratePasswordIfEmpty Sets if eZ Publish should generate passwords if the password field is empty.
GeneratePasswordLength Sets the length of passwords generated by eZ Publish.
HashType Sets the type of encryption that will be used when storing user passwords in the database.
LoginHandler Sets the various methods eZ Publish will try to authenticate user logins.
LoginRedirectionUriAttribute Sets which attribute of the user/usergroup class contains redirection URI for the user.
LogoutRedirect Sets which page to redirect to when a user has logged out.
MaxNumberOfFailedLogin Sets the number of failed login attempts before user accounts are locked.
RedirectOnLogoutWithLastAccessURI Sets if LastAccessURI session variable is used to redirect the user at logout.
RegistrationEmail Sets the receiver of notification emails about new users.
RegistrationFeedback Sets the kind of feedback that is sent to users that have registered.
RequireConfirmEmail Controls whether users are required to confirm their emails
RequireUniqueEmail Sets if all users must have unique email addresses when registering.
ShowMessageIfExceeded Sets whether to display a warning when a user is not allowed to log in.
SiteName Sets the site name to use when encrypting user passwords.
TrustedIPList Sets IP addresses that users can log in from even though their accounts are locked.
UpdateHash Sets if eZ Publish should update hashes if you have changed the HashType setting
UserClassGroupID Sets which classes you can create in the user section in the administration interface.
UserClassID Sets the class to use for user registration
UserCreatorID Sets the user that will bet set as the creator of self registering users.
UserGroupClassID Sets the class ID of the class that represents user groups.
UserNameValidationErrorText Settings regarding custom validation of user names
UserNameValidationRegex Settings regarding custom validation of user names
UseSpecialCharacters Sets if special characters are allowed in passwords.
VerifyUserEmail Sets if new users have to verify their account by email.

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    Missing [SiteSettings][Dir]
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      [SiteSettings] -> DefaultPage : Page where you get redirected after login and logout. Different from IndexPage. (default /content/view/full/2/)
  • missing QueryAnalysisOutput

    in DatabaseSettings: if enabled (and sqloutput enabled), executed queres have an analysis done and sipalyed
  • missinga AlwaysLog[]

    in DebugSettings: used to set types of info that will be logged even if debug output is off
  • Typo

    There is a typo on this page:
    > Sets if the translation cache should be anabled or disabled.

    Should be E-nabled instead of A-nabled.
  • ShareCompiledTemplates-Settings

    The following TemplateSettings are missing:

    # If you share compiled templates with other site accesses
    # Where to store shared compiled templates