Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



Sets which of the content view modes that use view cache.





This setting enables the viewcache for the specified view modes inside the "view" view of the content module. When view caching is enabled, the entire result of the module will be cached. The cache is stored for each possible role combination on your site. This means that your templates can have conditions based on roles even when caching is on.

In addition, you can enable view caching for the "pdf" view of the content module by specifying "pdf" in this setting. In this case, the actual PDF file will be cached. However, note that the "pdf" view of the content module is deprecated.

Note:Do not change this setting unless you know what you are doing.



This makes eZ publish use view cache on the "full" and "sitemap" content view modes ("content/view/full" and "content/view/sitemap"). The output of the "pdf" view within the content module ("content/pdf") will also be cached.

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