Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.



Tells PHP to be run in a specific locale.





Use this directive to set locale for the entire PHP system (this functionality is similar to using the "setlocale" PHP function where "LC_ALL" is passed as the first parameter). You can specify a comma separated list of locale names. If you use a character set specific locale (for example, "no_NO.UTF-8"), make sure this character set matches the output character set of eZ Publish. Please note that different operating systems have different naming schemes for locales, and thus you might need to use multiple names in order for your installation to work on multiple platforms (such as developing on Windows and running Linux in production).


Example 1


This will tell PHP to first use the "de_DE.ISO-8859-1" locale, and if this is not available, then the "german" locale will be used.

Example 2


With this configuration each of the three listed elements (starting from "no_NO.UTF-8") will be tried to be set as new locale until success.

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