Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.


AnonymousAccessList Specifies a lists of modules and views that are accessible regardless of the RequireUserLogin setting.
AvailableSiteAccessList Sets the siteaccesses that your eZ Publish installation provides.
CheckValidity Sets if the setup wizard should be activated or not.
DebugAccess Turns on debug output for access matching.
DebugExtraAccess Enables verbose access matching debug information.
DetectMobileDevice Enable mobile device detection
ForceVirtualHost Sets if eZ Publish should force virtual host mode.
HostMatchElement Sets which element (separated by a dot) to use when using element host matching.
HostMatchMapItems Sets the mapping between hostname and siteaccess when using map host-matching.
HostMatchRegexp Sets the regular expression that is used to fetch the siteaccess from the hostname with regexp hostmatching.
HostMatchRegexpItem Sets which submatch to use to determine the siteaccess name with regexp hostmatching.
HostMatchSubtextPost Sets the postfix that occurs in the hostname behind the siteaccess when using text host matching.
HostMatchSubtextPre Sets the prefix that occurs in the hostname in front of the siteaccess when using text host matching.
HostMatchType Sets which type of host matching to use to select the siteaccess.
MatchOrder Sets the matching algorithms that will be tried to determine which siteaccess to use.
MobileDeviceFilterClass The class in charge of filtering mobile devices
MobileSiteAccessList List of mobile site access
MobileSiteAccessURL The URL of the mobile version of your site
NormalizeSANames Toggling automatic conversion of siteaccess names
PathPrefix Sets the hidden prefix that will be added to virtual URLs entered by users.
PathPrefixExclude Sets which virtual URLs not to add the hidden prefix to.
RedirectOnNormalize Enable redirection to the normalized siteaccess
RelatedSiteAccessList List of siteaccesses that use the same database.
RequireUserLogin Sets if you allow anonymous access to your site.
ServerVariableName Not documented yet.
ShowHiddenNodes Sets if hidden nodes should be shown by default or not.
URIMatchElement Specifies which element (separated by "/") of the URI that contains the siteaccess.
URIMatchRegexp Sets the regular expression that is used to extract the siteaccess from the URI.
URIMatchRegexpItem Sets the submatch that is used for siteaccess matching when using regexp URIMatching.
URIMatchType Configures the URI match access method

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