Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
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NameInternal nameSearchableInformation collector
Enum ezenum Yes. No.


This datatype should not be used any more because it is slow. It has been substituted by the "Selection" datatype.

Balazs Halasy (21/02/2005 2:37 pm)

Balazs Halasy (27/04/2005 8:47 am)


  • Deprecated Enum

    Although I understand Selection is faster than Enum, it doesn't exactly match usage of the latest. Using Selection forces us to store choices as an array from 0 to n rather than a hash widh any type of keys and values.

    Should we expect the deprecated enum to be removed shortly or can we still keep using it until the Selection can handle pairs of key => value ?
    • Re: Deprecated Enum

      I very much agree with that question.
      In cases where you need a key, enum is the better (and only?) way for this at the moment.
  • docs

    the .content of an ezenum attribute returns a enum object, which has at least an .enumobject_list property that is a list of strings. from the datatype / view template:

    {section var=Elements loop=$attribute.content.enumobject_list sequence=array( bglight, bgdark )}
    {$Elements.item.enumelement|wash( xhtml )}<br />

    if anyone knows a link to legacy documentation of this object, let us know !