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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a standard user who automatically get notified about all the site changes (creation/modification of content objects)?

A: By default, none of the users is notified about all the site changes. If you want to be notified whenever content is changed or added, you can subscribe for subtree notifications for the top node in the "Content structure" tree.

Q: Is it possible to be notified about new user registrations?

A: You can subscribe for subtree notifications for the top node in the "User accounts" tree so that you will be notified every time a new user is created. To do this, click on the "User accounts" tab in the administration interface, locate the desired node (under which new users are created upon user registration) in the tree and select "Add to my notifications" using the context menu.

Q: Is it possible to receive E-mails whenever I need to approve an article? Is it possible that the writer of the article is notified whether or not the article was approved?

A: It is possible to get notifications when you need to approve an item (same for the author). This can be easily done by enabling the collaboration notifications. Currently there is no support for notifications to the author when the the article has been approved/rejected.

Q: I have subscribed for notifications but I do not receive any E-mails.

A: You might have forgotten about the "runcronjobs.php" script. If you wish to use the notification system, this script must be executed periodically.

Q: I use both subtree and collaboration notifications. The subtree notifications work well but I do not receive collaboration notifications.

A: The collaboration notifications are sent every time a new collaboration message is generated. Check your collaboration messages by clicking the "My Account" tab in the administration interface and select the "Collaboration" link on the left. If there are no collaboration messages there, check your collaboration settings by clicking the "Setup" tab and choosing the "Workflows" and/or "Triggers" link on the left. Refer to the "Workflows" and "Approve" documentation chapters for more information about workflows, triggers and approval events. 

Q: Notification settings are not available for one of my users.

A: A user must be logged in to access the notification settings. If the notification settings are still unavailable after logging in, check the role/policy settings specified for the user(s) as described in the "Granting access to notifications" part of the documentation.

Q: Why do the users see the "access denied" page when they click the "Keep me updated" button?

A: Perhaps they are not allowed to use notifications. Check the role/policy settings specified for these users as described in the "Granting access to notifications" chapter.

Q: I have the default/built-in forum on my site and I wish that every registered user should be able to subscribe/unsubscribe for subtree notifications about the forum/topic/reply. How can I do this?

A: By default, all the users that belong to the "Guest accounts" user group are allowed to use notifications. This is specified in the default "Forum user" role that is assigned to the guest user group. It is possible to assign this role to other users (refer to "Assigning a role to a user / user group" section of the "Granting access to notifications" chapter for more information). There is no point to assign this role to the "Administrator users" group. The default "Administrator" role assigned to the "Administrator users" group allows these users to access all modules including the "notification" module.

Q: In the role/policy settings I can choose the "administrate" function when granting access to the "notification" module. Does it mean that it is possible to view/edit the notification settings of each subscribed user somewhere in the administration area?

A: Although letting administrators to view and/or edit notification settings for all users is probably good idea, it is not implemented yet. The only difference between "use" and "administrate" functions is that the latter grants access to the "runfilter" view of the "notification" module. Note that this view should only be used for testing and debugging.

Q: Is it possible to force digest mode for notifications so that the digest mode is set by default for all the subscribed users (with the preset time)?

A: This functionality is not implemented. By default, the digest mode is off and the database contains no records about this setting. If the user sets the digest mode, it will be recorded in the database.

Q: Is there any way to set "filters" for subtree notifications? I have a set of articles under a certain folder and the users are notified whenever a new article is created there. However, they also receive notifications when an existing article is edited or a new folder is created. I'd like to specify "only notify if a new object of type article is being created" or something similar.

A: This is not supported at the moment.

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