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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.

Enable the publishing queue functionality

Asynchronous publishing is disabled by default and needs to be enabled by overriding a setting in content.ini. Please enter the setting as described below:

 # Enable/Disable the asynchronous publishing feature

Customize the queue size

In the PublishingSettings you can also the size of the queue by deciding how many parallel publishing operations should be allowed:

 # how many parallel publishing operations should be allowed
 # default: 10

Making the feature optional

You disable the eZ Asynchronous Publishing feature through the same INI setting in content.ini:

 # Enable/Disable the asynchronous publishing feature

If disabled, the operation won't be deferred to the daemon at all, and publishing will happen in real time. This also allows siteaccess based enabling/disabling of the feature.

Automatically cleaning the queue

Introduced in 5.4 and 5.3.3 (you can also request a patch for EZP-23312 in previous versions on the customer portal), it allows removing successfully executed processes from the database.

The queue automatic cleanup can be customized using two settings in content.ini.

# How frequent the daemon cleans the queue (sleep in seconds)
# default: 43200 (12 hours)
# How old processes need to be in order to be cleaned (in seconds)
# default: 604800 (a week)

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