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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.

Adding content

When you have found the location where you wish to add content (a new page by the way of a new node), click "Create new" located in the upper left corner of the "Sub items" window, select object type in the object list, press "OK", then select language in the language interface presented.

Note: Selecting another language is only possible when there are several languages available in your installation.

More information is provided below. In the following screenshot a red frame is used to indicate where you create new content.

Add new content by pressing "Create new"

As the screenshot indicates, we navigated into a front page called "Conference". To add new content, click "Create new" a drop-down list will appear that allows you to select the type of node (page) that should be created. Please note that the contents of this list depends on the available classes (the data structures that have been set up for the site) and the permissions of the user who is currently logged in. This drop-down list typically allows you to create generic information pages, news articles, product pages, forums and so on. When pressing "OK" on the selected object, a screen appears where you select the language which should be used when creating an object (page). Say you select "Article" and "English (United Kingdom)". This means that when you click "Enter", the system will create an article in English inside the "Conference" folder.

There are no limitations whatsoever when it comes to the different types of nodes. In other words, you can create any type of node under any other node as long as the class is configured as a container. When you click the "Here" button, the system will display the object edit interface.

The object edit interface

The following list of steps sum up what you should do when you want to add/create new content:

  • Make sure that you're logged into the administration interface.
  • In the tabs "Content structure", "Media library" and "User Accounts", the left menu and the "Sub items" window to find the location where you want to add new content.
  • Select the type of content you wish to add (article, information page, user, etc.) in the "Create new" drop-down list and select the preferred language.
  • Click the "Enter" button, the system will bring up the edit interface.
  • Use the edit interface to add the content. Please refer to the editing content page for details.
  • When done, click the "Send for publishing" button, the content will be published at the location that was chosen in step 2.

Note: "Store draft" will store this version and stay in the "Edit interface". "Store draft and exit" will take you out of the "Edit interface", but save the draft you were working on. "Discard draft" will delete what you were working on and take you out of the "Edit" interface.

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