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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.
For 5.x documentation covering Platform see eZ Documentation Center, for difference between legacy and Platform see 5.x Architecture overview.

Upgrading the Website Interface

The Website Interface is installed and upgraded independently of the eZ Publish installation. Before upgrading the Website Interface, you must upgrade your eZ Publish installation to the compatible version:

eZ Publish Version

Website Interface Version










1.1-1 (Patch Release)




1.0 (bundled with eZ Publish)

To determine your current version of the Website Interface, view the contents of the fileextension/ezwebin/ezinfo.php beneath the root eZ Publish directory.

For instructions on upgrading eZ Publish, refer to the Upgrading documentation. As described in the eZ Publish upgrade documentation, you should make a backup of your database before upgrading. Also, you should backup the following directories that contain site-specific information for the Website Interface:

  • design/ezwebin_site
  • extension/ezwebin
  • var/storage/packages/ez_systems

Upgrading to Version 5.0

The upgrade scenario described below can be used to upgrade from any previous version of the Website Interface to version 5.0. You must first upgrade your eZ Publish installation to version 5.0.There are three upgrade scenarios:

  • Allow the upgrade script to download the packages from the repository.
  • (Unix / Linux only) Manually download the packages and direct the upgrade script to unpack and use the downloaded packages.
  • Manually download and unpack the packages and direct the upgrade script to usethe unpacked packages.

Before proceeding using any of the scenarios, empty the /tmp/ezwebin andvar/storage/packages directories. Also, clear the cache (in Linux / Unix only) by running the following command from the root of the eZ Publish directory:

bin/shell/ –clear-all

Sometimes the script is unable to clear caches because of restrictive file/directory permission settings. Make sure that all caches have been cleared by inspecting th econtents of the cache subdirectories within the "var" directory. Windows users must manually clear the cache by deleting the contents of the following directories:

  • var/cache/*
  • var/ezwebin_site/cache/*

To upgrade from manually downloaded packages:

1. Download the packages from (the relevant packages are all prefixed by "ezwebin_"). By default, the upgrade script will look for the packages in the /tmp/ezwebin directory. However, you can specify an alternate directory using the upgrade script’s package-dir switch. At this point, if you are upgrading on Unix / Linux, you may proceed with the upgrade, or you can unpack the archive files as described in the next step.

2. Unpack the packages into var/storage/packages/eZ-systems using the command:

tar xvfz <package_name>

This should result in a directory structure like this:


If you unpack these files into a different directory, use the upgrade script’s repository switch to specify the location.

Running the upgrade script

Copy the Website Interface upgrade script bin/php/ezwebinupgrade.php and place it in the root of your eZ Publish installation. Run the upgrade script as follows:

$ ./bin/php ezwebinupgrade.php -s <your_siteaccess>

The -s <your_siteaccess> switch is optional. If it is not specified, the default (site.ini.[SiteSettings].DefaultAccess) siteaccess will be used. Replace ./bin/php/ with the path to your PHP installation.

The following script options are available:

repository: The path to the location of the local repository containing the unpacked upgrade packages. Unless specified, the default of var/storage/packages/eZ-systems is used.

package: The package or list of packages to install (for example ezwebinclasses). Unless specified, the default value of ezwebin_classesezwebin_extension ezwebin_banners ezwebin_democontentezwebin_design is used.

package-dir: The path to the directory where the packages (with the extension “.ezpkg”) are stored. Unless specified, the default value of /tmp/ezwebin is used.

For general information about package repositories, refer to Packages documentation.

The script will prompt you for input. For example, it will ask you to specify the siteaccesses that use the Website Interface (when prompted, list each applicable siteaccess separated by a space). It will also alert you to any conflicts between your installed version and the packages contained in the upgrade.

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