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This is outdated documentation made for eZ Publish Platform 5.2. It is being moved into the eZ Publish 5.x documentation, so please go there for most up-to-date documentation.

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For better integration between 5.x 2 (symfony based) kernel and legacy (4.x) kernel, injection is used to inject settings, session and current siteaccess from 5.x 2 into legacy using an event: kernel.event_subscriber


Since ImageMagick filters usage changed from eZ Publish 4.x versions you can find the list of filters existing by default to use eZ Publish 5.x2:

ImageMagick filters list for yml
sharpen: "-sharpen 0.5"
geometry/scale: "-geometry {1}x{2}"
geometry/scalewidth: "-geometry {1}"
geometry/scaleheight: "-geometry x{1}"
geometry/scaledownonly: "-geometry {1}x{2}>"
geometry/scalewidthdownonly: "-geometry {1}>"
geometry/scaleheightdownonly: "-geometry x{1}>"
geometry/scaleexact: "-geometry {1}x{2}!"
geometry/scalepercent: "-geometry {1}x{2}"
geometry/crop: "-crop {1}x{2}+{3}+{4}"
filter/noise: "-noise {1}"
filter/swirl: "-swirl {1}"
colorspace/gray: "-colorspace GRAY"
colorspace/transparent: "-colorspace Transparent"
colorspace: "-colorspace {1}"
border: "-border {1}x{2}"
border/color: "-bordercolor rgb({1},{2},{3})"
border/width: "-borderwidth {1}"
flatten: "-flatten"

resize: "-resize {1}"


eZFormToken (CSRF) integration


This feature is only available as of since eZ Publish 5.1 (2013.01)

If your config.yml setting have framework.csrf_protection.enabled set to true, then both kernel.secret and framework.csrf_protection.field_name will be sent to ezxFormToken class so csrf protection in legacy uses the same token and form field name.