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Memory consumption issues with Redis


title>= 5.4.13


If you use the Redis cache driver and encounter problems with high memory consumption, you can use the following (non-SiteAccess-aware) settings:

Code Block
        igbinary: true/false
        lzf: true/false
  • `ezpublishezpublish.stash_cache.igbinary` igbinary enables you to use the `igbinary` library igbinary PHP extension to serialize objects stored in cache.
      • Recommended enabled in most use cases.
    • ezpublish.stash_cache.lzf` lzf enables you to use the `LZF` library LZF PHP extension to compress serialized objects stored in cache.
      • Compression consumes some more CPU. A scenario where it improves overall performance is when Redis memory and/or network bandwidth is limited, with spare CPU capacity on PHP server.

    These options in combination results in around 1/2 memory usage for API caching compared to not being enabled, igbinary accounts for ~75% of that and LZF the remaining ~25% when configured for max compression.

    After changing these settings you need to clear cache and purge Redis content .