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Comment: Remove recommendation to enable InMemory with memcached as it can lead to data corruption


✲ All settings but servers are only available with memcached php extension, for more information on these settings and which version of php-memcached they are available in, see:
 If you are on eZ Publish 5.1, make sure to update Stash and StashBundle to get access to these settings.



When using Memcache cache backend, it's recommended to also use inMemory cache (see example below).
This will help reducing network traffic between your webserver and your Memcached server, unless you have very long running cli processes which then might end up acting on stale data.

Example with Memcache

Code Block
            # For eZ Publish Platform versions prior to 5.4/2014.07, use "handlers" instead of "drivers"!
            drivers: [ Memcache ]
            inMemory: true
            registerDoctrineAdapter: false
                prefix_key: ezdemo_
                retry_timeout: 1
                        port: 11211